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Figuring out a power


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Working from the Big Gold Book.  I'm trying to create a character that can generate convincing visual and auditory illusions.  The Illusion spell from the Magic power suite seems too limited and doesn't really do what I want.  I thought about Energy Control (sound and light); that would easily work for Marvel's Dazzler but it doesn't quite achieve what I'm after, either.  Any suggestions?

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What if you worked it like some people do two weapon fighting?

That is have 3 seperate skills. Auditory Control, Light Control, and a form of Artistry. The control powers are used as normal to manipulate the energy and Artisty to fashion it into the desired shape.

Or you could use a form of mental control that just makes the target think they see/hear the illusion and have to spend more power dependant on number of targets you want affected by it.

Of course,this might all be over complicating it. The Illusion spell in the BRP book is pretty powerful and creating a second power Sound Control or Sound Mimicry that uses the same principles as the illusion spell and combine them requiring double power to cast should be acceptable. I'd allow it in my campaign anyway.

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I know this thread has been dormant for a fortnight, but I just stumbled across it.


Actually the Phantom (Sense) spells from Sorcery chapter of RQ3 were pretty good, as tooley1chris suggests above. They were reprinted in the BRP Magic Book. 

Basically it is a separate effect for each sense. So if you want to create illusionary sound by itself, then it can be done. If you want someone to have an uncomfortable sensation as if ants are crawling over them, then it can be done. If you want people to witness an incident that never occurred, then it can be done etc etc

So there were separate spells for each sensation: Phantom Sight, Phantom Sound, Phantom Touch, Phantom Smell, and Phantom Taste.

I thought it was a good way for dealing with illusions, as it really stimulated players on what to do with each effect, and made for interesting situations.

The spells can be joined together to create multiple effects, which was great. However it also falls down here as the PP cost becomes quite exhaustive. In a fantasy world like Glorantha, there were far more effective magic for less PP expenditure, so the spells tended to be not the most popular for player characters.

However if these spells/powers were in a more mundane setting, then they certainly could be quite useful.


Easy solution for someone who only has the BGB is to rule that the Illusion spell works on  a variety of senses, not just visual, although only one sense is affected by each casting. Allow for multiple castings to be combined at once if desired (requiring multiple casting rolls  and increased PP cost).

That would pretty much replicate the Phantom (Sense) spells I think. Possibly make them separate skills for balance if you  want, but it wouldn't be essiential.

I think I would keep the rate as 1PP/3 pts of Characteristic except I would alter it to be 1PP/ per 3 pts of the viewer's INT, meaning that the caster would have to make a judgement call on how much PP to invest. Keep them guessing how intelligent their suspects are.

Then if a viewer or viewers have an INT score beyond this, perhaps it becomes easier for them to disbelieve what they are seeing or experiencing.

You could also add other +/-  modifiers based on the plausibility of the situation, and how well the Illusion has been cast.


Oh, and of course, make the spells into an abilities / super powers if its not actually magic in your setting. 

Not sure if it is what you are looking for however, but just another idea for you

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