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It is all Ben Monroe's fault


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Ben Monroe's job description at Chaosium includes the subtitle "Earth Ro-Man."  I knew that mighty Voltron fought Ro-Beasts, but "Ro-Man" didn't sound like something from Alephtar Games.  I had to find out what it was.  Some things man was not meant to know ...





And yes, I am working on a write-up!  :P

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Ro-Man XJ-2

 Source:  Robot Monster, Three Dimension Pictures, 1953

 Henchman for the extraterrestrial entity known as The Great Guidance, Ro-Man was tasked with clearing the Earth of all human life.  He used a death ray to destroy all but a few survivors who had taken refuge underground, inadvertently releasing preserved prehistoric beasts in the process.  Sent to eliminate the Last Family on Earth, the creature ultimately failed when he found himself lusting after their eldest daughter.

 In addition to his brute strength, Ro-Man XJ-2 is a technical whiz able to whip up long-range communications devices and “psychotronic” weaponry from whatever primitive Earth hardware is lying around.  He also has an innate ability to manipulate electricity.  He speaks English fluently and enjoys taunting his victims as well as boring them with long-winded ruminations on life and love.  Maybe if he didn’t adore the sound of his own voice so much, he’d be a more effective assassin.

 The Robot Monster resembles a gorilla wearing a round diving helmet equipped with long antennae that stick out of either side at a 45-degree angle.  The filtered round faceplate reveals a skull-like face when the light is right.  Despite his simian physique, Ro-Man stands upright like a human rather than walking on his knuckles.

 STR 36

CON 11

SIZ 24

INT 18

POW 16

DEX 11

Move:  8

Hit Points:  18

Damage Bonus:  +3D6

Armor:  8 (kinetic, head only) helmet plus 3 kinetic (tough body)

Attacks:  Brawl 45%, 1D6+DB; Grapple 30%, 1D3+DB; Calcinator Ray 60%, 1D10+2

Skills:  Craft (Electrical Device) 35%, Heavy Machine 45%, Perform (Orate) 55%, Repair (Electrical) 60%, Repair (Mechanical) 60%, Technical (Computer Use) 30%


Helmet – Armor, 8 points (kinetic), head only, 8 build points

Electrical Control, 20 levels, 60 build points, requires 20 energy points to activate per round plus 1 per round to keep active; can control up to SIZ 20 electrical device or do 2D6 damage with electric touch

Extra Energy – +120 energy, 12 build points

Super INT (+13 INT), 39 build points

Antennae – Radio Hearing, 3 build points

Failings:  Ladies Man, +3 build points; Subservient to The Great Guidance, +3

Notes:  Ro-Man’s stats were randomly rolled at the “Fantastic” level on the online Call of Cthulhu Creature Generator.  He had 116 power points based on unmodified characteristics, plus 6 for Failings.  Skill percentages were randomly assigned.





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This one is my fault, not Ben's




Mental Vampire

Source:  Fiend Without A Face, Producers Associates/Amalgamated Productions, 1958

Arcane horrors comprised of materialized thought, mental vampires are normally invisible unless the ambient broadcast energy in their area is especially strong.  Although they require this energy – be it atomic, electrical, or something else – to retain physical form, they feed on the brains and spinal cords of living creatures (preferably humans), sucking them out through punctures made at the base of the victim’s skull.  Mental vampires are intelligent and evil, able to use tools, read and understand documents, and operate or sabotage equipment.  They are determined to multiply and spread as quickly as possible.  In 1958 they were limited to the area around an isolated U.S. Air Force base with a nuclear power plant.  Today, with power plants, power lines, wi-fi hot spots, dish antennas and cell phone towers everywhere, their potential range is much greater.  Denied broadcast energy, mental vampires quickly die and dissolve into sticky, icky puddles.

Thought monsters, when visible, appear as brain-like creatures almost as large as an adult human head with a spinal cord body trailing behind.  Extending from the “brain” head is a pair of 10- to 12-inch tube-like organs; there are additional tentacles trailing with the “spinal cord” body.  The tubes appear to be some sort of sensory organs but can also be used as manipulative limbs, while the body can act as a prehensile tail.  Mental vampires can crawl and climb caterpillar-like, even on sheer surfaces, and can also make startling leaps of six to eight feet. They attack by leaping at prey, wrapping their bodies about the victim’s neck in a strangling grip while the “brain” fastens on the back of the victim’s head.  Victims are found with a look of absolute horror on their faces.  Despite their usual invisibility, mental vampires aren’t stealthy.  They make all sorts of strange growls and weird bumping noises while on the hunt.

Although strong enough to cling to a surprised and terrified target, thought monsters aren’t particularly tough.  They can be pulled off a victim by a person of normal strength and have no special defense against blows or bullets.  They can, however, multiply from a single creature to dozens in less than a week if prey is readily available.  And they rapidly gang up on those aware of their presence, especially if the latter have figured out ways to thwart them.

STR (2D6+2) 9

CON (2D6) 7

SIZ (1D3) 2

INT (3D6+6) 16-17

POW (3D6) 10-11

DEX (3D6+12) 22-23

Move:  5

Hit Points:  5

Damage Bonus:  -1D6

Armor:  None (eww, squishy!)

Attacks:  Grapple 45%, 1D3+DB; Brain Suck 55%, 1D10

Skills:  Climb 70%, Jump 80%, Heavy Machine 35%, Sense 60%, Track 45%


Leap, 1 level, +2 meters horizontal leap (total 3 meters), 1 build point

Wall Walking, 10 build points, 1 power point per combat round

Extra Energy, +200 energy, 20 build points

Notes:  I didn’t charge the mental vampires for invisibility since that is their normal state.  Also, actually seeing these things should cost some SAN, especially if player-characters witness them eating somebody.


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Robot Monster is clearly the Best Movie Evar.

Great One: Earth Ro-Man, you violate the laws of plans. To think for yourself is to be like the hu-man. 

Ro-Man: Yes! To be like the hu-man! To laugh! Feel! Want! Why are these things not in the plan? 

Great One: You are an extension of the Ro-Man, and a Ro-Man you will remain. Now, I set you into motion. One: destroy the girl. Two: destroy the family. Fail, and I will destroy you!

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Please don't contact me with Chaosium questions. I'm no longer associated with the company, and have no idea what the new management is doing.

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I wouldn't argue with those stats... other than the INT.

Have you watched the movie? Lot of cliches...

Some fantastic quotes though!

"At what point on the graph do must and cannot meet? "

"I cannot kill the girl but I will kill the boy."

I laughed so much :)

"Where do 'must' and 'cannot' meet on the graph".

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Please don't contact me with Chaosium questions. I'm no longer associated with the company, and have no idea what the new management is doing.

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