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Dragonewt outside Genertela


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The only surviving nest outside of Genertela is on Teleos, and it isn't a functional nest with an Inhuman King, either.

Dragons are known in the history of the Vithelan lands (e.g. Dogsalu), but have a different origin story there. The Kralori have a different view and might regard Dogsalu just like Sekever as an enemy dragon.

Dragons do hibernate elsewhere, too, but don't show much activity there. For the Dragonkill, dragons flew in from all corners of the world.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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aren't there any Dragonewt outside Genertela? Why? No dragons outside this part of the world?

The Dragonewts were powerful and widespread before the Chaos Age, but when Chaos began to destroy them, they only resisted in two places: they Resisted in Stength in Kralorela and Resisted in Weakness in Dragon Pass. Since Time began Dragonewts are only found relatively near those places, for everywhere else they permitted themselves to be destroyed to prevent their entanglement with the non-draconic world.

For similar reasons, True Dragons are only found near where their kin survived, but these are relatively small: only a few miles in length. In contrast, the Star Dragon is immense and the Stella Draconis constellation covers a significant arc of the Sky.

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