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Praxian Tribes and their clans


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We might want to start with the published clan chiefs - Narmeed Whirlvishbane of the Singing Flower Bison clan comes to mind here. I'll admit that I am at best a transient in Prax, so I'll let people with actual experience of the place take over.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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In my Prax games the players always name their clans. I also always ask them to name their Khan, Queen and Shaman. I also get them to do the seasonal migration route of their clan across the wastelands, along with their Paps visiting frequency (in years). This is in the clan making section.

Copper Bison Clan - Bison (In my game - The clan that enslaved Argrath)

Spirit Rock Clan - Morokanth (In my game - Egajia Chewer of Flesh's Clan)

High Horns Clan - Sables (In my game - Inire the Red's clan)

You may notice a theme above. In order to connect the players into the story, their clan should have a key figure as part of it.) This is not the case for mixed tribe groups in cross-tribal bands like Orlanth, Yelmalio, Storm Bull, White Bull, etc.

I'll look up their leaders when I get home.


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Search the Glorantha Resource Site: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com. Search the Glorantha mailing list archives: https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/

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Sky Watcher sept* Barrak Earth Shaker
Summer Fury sept
Screaming Wind sept

Prairie Thunder *Nausyas he Iron Bull 
Red Thorn *Kelab Besi
Black Shield
Skull Bat 
Snow Bison
Flint Wind clan

Fire Feather
Spring Buck warparty
Bright Tail clan
Salamander clan
Hot Hoof gang
Thunder clan
Flint Rain clan

High Llama
Hooked Lance 
Cloud Walker
High Tree Clan 
Blue Llama:  Khan Varok, Tamer of the Emerald Serpent

Blue Thigh High
Swift kick

Big Pecker 

River Folk
Shallow Water
Deep Channel (Corflu)

Salt Jumpers (Corflu)
Tuff Tail gang 

We Seen The Sea 
Walkabout Troop

Black Mud clan (Hoofcrack oasis)
White Ash clan (Zola Fel valley)

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Bison:  Flower Bison Clan (from Cults of Prax...Birurian Varosh, narl flowers, Aldryami etc.), Upriver Clan (Orlanthi ties), Dark Rock Clan (Zorak Zoran ties)

Sables:  Twin Star Clan (Early Lunar Converts with Hungry Plateau links), White Bull (From Prince of Startar, anti-Lunar Stormbull Sables from the Wastes), Grass High Clan (Own a piece of Tada's loincloth),

Impala:  Spring High Clan (Jump and dodge), Arrow Fury Clan (Storm Bulls with Arrow Trance rather than Berserk), Flashflank Clan (High speed and dodge/manoeuver), Dawn Riser Clan (Wastelanders with water secrets)

Bolo Lizard: Three Stones Clan, Wyrm Talker Clan (Dragonewt Friends), Five Brides Clan (Eiritha Secrets), Clam Hunter Clan (Sea Ties),  Knee Striker Clan (Wastelanders)

Ostrich:  Yellow Clan (Sun Ties),  Ripclaw Clan (Close Quarters),  Dazzle Clan (Use sun magic and shimmer to aid their dodge).

Unicorn:  Hidden Oasis Clan (Special Eiritha gift of an oasis no other tribe can detect in the Paps), Never Drew Clan (Unicorns born sentient)

Rhino:  Avalanche Clan (they frequent the Valley of Avalanches),

Agimori:  Spear and a Half Clan (Use sarissas), Long March Clan (High stamina), Sacred Ash Clan (Strong Ancestor Cult), Finds the Mark Clan (Thrown Rock Specialists), Great Mask Clan (Own a sacred Genert Cult mask, gifted to Pamalt)

High Llama:  Face Spitter Clan  (Guess), Giant Kick Clan (Close Quarters clan), Too Fast Clan (super fast, terrifying charge), High Glider Clan (fast riders and great jumpers), Stoops Low Clan ( Extra size beasts)

Pol Joni:  Derik's Clan (The Founder's Clan), Wolf Hunter Clan (Telmori Haters), Dark Wind Clan (Troll Friend Stormbull/Zorak Zorani), Jaldonfriend Clan (They made peace with Jaldon Toothmaker and raid into Dragon Pass with him, despite being "horse bastards"), Serpent Clan (Waha Enemies, use serpent river magic)

Zebra:  Mule Clan (Strong Issaries Clan, trade into Sartar, Heortland, even across the Wastes rarely), Wall Rider Clan (Pavis Clan), River Stripe Clan (Trade along the Zola Fel).

Morokanth:  Flat Tooth Clan (Breed More Herd Men), Hooknet Clan (Capture specialists, slavers), Thumb Clan (More Morokanth Thumbs), Maneater Clan (Eat humans as readily as Herd men).


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