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BRP Overload! What are you doing?


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Ever read Frank Miller/ GeofF Darrow's "Hard Boiled?", that would make a tour-de-force game setting. incredibly ultra violent. Another cool idea I always wanted to do is run a modern day crime setting like the film "Heat " were I have two gaming groups playing either "Cops" or ""Crooks" on different days and every so often have them roleplay together when they have "encounters" with one another ( like a big shootout!). It would be complicated to GM, even fierce as you have a high posibility of PC's fighting PC's, but it could be very cool and very interesting to see how it would all play out.

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My first goal is run the "Tales of the Eye" campaign I've been kicking around, a mash-up of Fading Suns and the old Mission: Impossible TV show wherein the PCs are agents of the Imperial Eye's special missions bureau. I'd also like to run a supernatural 30-Years War game (kinda Von Bek meets Tim Powers), but I don't know if my players would go for that...

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So my question for all of you is whether you're kicking off a new game with the compendium, and if so, what are you going to run?

Well, there's my "homebrew RQ" project I've been working on for ages, which will benefit a lot from the new BRP.

Unfortunately, in the meantime I've also launched a homebrew D&D game which will keep me occupied for some time.

But I'll try and talk one of my buddies into re-launching his "Hyborian kingdoms" campaign in BRP, and play my usual (a disinherited Aquilonian nobleman).

Depending on how well the powers system can handle Jedi, my other buddy might want to convert our current Star Wars homebrew to BRP.

As for later, who knows? I'll work to make sure BRP becomes our group's "go-to" system. It's already almost there. :thumb:

BRP Zero Ed #136/420

"Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal death in judgement."

- The Fellowship of the Ring

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