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Runequest 2e to Openquest conversion?


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Hello everyone!

I'm just starting out on BRP gaming so please excuse any stupid questions from my part.
I've got the original RQ2e + Cults Compendium but I'm finding the combat system a little bit too fiddly (strike ranks mostly) so I was thinking of porting the whole thing over to Openquest.

I've noticed though that when it comes to combat sample characters and creatures seem underpowered in RQ2e when compared to OQ.
For example let's compare an entry from both books;

STR 2D6+3 (10)
INT 2D6+6 (13)
CON 2D6+6 (13)
POW 3D6 (10)
DEX 2D6+6 (13)
CHA 2D6 (7)
SIZ 1D6+6 (9)
Hit Points 11
Major Wound 6
Damage Modifier
Magic Points 10
Movement Rate 12m
Armour Leather armour (AP 2)
Plunder Rating 2

Dodge 60%, Persistence 50%, Resilience 50%
Nature Lore 70%
Deception 50%
Close Combat 50%
Short Sword (1D6)
Buckler (1D4)
Ranged Combat 60%
Sling (1D4)

duck (rq2e).jpg


Their close combat skill in OQ is 50% and ranged 60% where as in RQ2e it's almost half that (30% for short sword and 30% for sling). I guess the differences in Characteristics is really small so I don't mind them at all. But what about their weapon skills?
Is there a reason for this difference? Is there a formula to convert a RQ2e creature to OQ?

thanks in advance!

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16 hours ago, Mugen said:

Basically, when RQ2 was released, it was a very young game. OpenQuest benefited from years and years of experience.

Fact is, such low skills are highly unreliable, and tend to have boring and random fights.

Matter of taste & opinion, IMHO.  Low numbers on "primary" tend to advance quickly due to frequent use and easy advancement of those low numbers... and IME give the players a lot of appreciation for said advancement!  And if the newbie is a bit sucky at first, that's OK with me!

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Also, RQ2 was very much a "Zero to Hero" game, where you start off as a very young, unskilled PC and improve skills. There was a section on Previous Experience, which was an optional rule, that allowed PCs to start off at higher levels, Most NPCs in the monster section are given basic, starting skills, we used to run them through previous experience or just give them higher skills.

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