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A Merry Mythras Yule! New Scenarios...


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Here we are in the countdown to Christmas, and the first of our Yuletide messages - there'll be another before the festive season is done.


We're kicking-off Yule with the second of our monthly scenarios, and a surprise expansion for Classic Fantasy...


Xamoxis' Cleansing

In the small city of Tithys, a mercantile family's matriarch covets the treasure known as The Cleansing. Its powers are fabled, and the characters are hired to retrieve it. But they are not the only ones who desire this magical artefact: a pride of wronged panthotaurs, a vengeful goddess, and an ambitious shaman all have designs on The Cleansing. Retrieving it will be hazardous; but more hazardous still will be keeping hold of it...


$3.99 PDF - available from our Store (http://www.thedesignmechanism.com/products)

$6.99 Print - available from Aeon Games Publishing (http://www.aeongamespublishing.co.uk/) and Lulu (http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-b ... g/20061304)


16 pages


Classic Fantasy Expert Set

A taster for the Unearthed Companion, the Expert Set provides magic-users and clerics with a selection of spells for Ranks 4 and 5, expanding their potency. Also included are rules clarifications and amendments, and a new monster to face in the form of psychic Mind Slayer. And, what would a Mind Slayer be without psychic powers? These too are provided for Classic Fantasy players and GMs.


$4.99 PDF - available from our Store (http://www.thedesignmechanism.com/products)

$7.99 Print - available from Aeon Games Publishing (http://www.aeongamespublishing.co.uk/) and Lulu (http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-b ... t/20074719)


34 pages


From everyone at The Design Mechanism and Aeon Games Publishing, we wish you all a happy, healthy Yuletide season filled with much fun and great gaming!




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