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Astounding Adventures!


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Hello Everyone!

I've just finish playing in my first randomly generated scenario from this book. I've got little question: Is there anything other then "main book"? Character sheet, other adventures? 


I know that now Pulp Ctulhu is out, but I'm thinking something GOO free.

Thanks for the answers!

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Nothing else for it that I know of.

As it is I thought Astounding Adventures was pretty lacking. At two pages the overview of the source material is short and not very wide or deep... I think there are more references to Sky Captain and The Rocketeer than there are actual period heroes such as The Shadow and The Spider. When he brings up radio shows the author makes no mention at all of 'I Love A Mystery'... despite it being a perfect archetype for the sort of adventuring party this book is designed for. There's a timeline section that seems no more RPG-related than what a GM could quickly grab off of Wikipedia. It's all woefully insufficient for anyone not already familiar with the subject matter... similar to how I felt about Atomic-age Cthulhu.

Maybe I've just been spoiled by GURPS sourcebooks...

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I think Pulp Cthulhu pretty much covers alot of the same ground for BRP, just add Mythos. I doubt that Chaosium would go over the same ground with a Pulp BRP release.

However I would really dig a HeroQuest Pulp if done right, and some of the content of Astounding Adventures could be rehashed into that.

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20 hours ago, Mysterioso said:

It would be great if the random generator and the scenarios could be edited for CoC Pulp and re-released.  The more material to support the new book, even if not Mythos, the better.


Along these lines, it would be GREAT if Chaosium talked to Adamant Entertainment with the end result being the release all Adamant's Thrilling Tales material for 7E CoC Pulp. it would be a major boost in material ready to go for the new game.

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