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Most of the Fantasy games have rules for summoning, even basic ones. I would have suggested the supplement Wind on the Steppes with specific rules for central Asian shamanism, but this supplement is not available anymore. If you are patient, wait until it is published again with the Revolution D100 system. The mechanics shall have been even improved.

Mythras has rules for shamanism and the new Runequest to come will as well.

There are somewhere (may be in the download section ?) rules for shamanism, I think written by Steve Perrin (or am I wrong ?)

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All versions of RuneQuest have good rules for travelling to the Spirit Plane, although I still prefer Zit's [temporarily unavailable] version of shamanism.

You can find the RQ2 version in RQ Classic, and the RQ3 version in the "Magic Book" supplement for BRP. These are probably your best options at the moment.

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Mythras Classic Fantasy has rules for all of these including...

A chapter on the Cosmology of Classic Fantasy, including rules for many different planes of existence.
Rules for ethereal and astral travel by both spell and magic items.
The ghost as a creature that attacks opponents by becoming semi-material.
Several spells dealing with the summoning of both mundane and otherworldly creatures.

Edit: I do want to point out that Classic Fantasy is very D&Dish, so 'might' not work for all campaigns. However, as the terms your using are also kind of D&Dish, it might work for yours.


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