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I also think it would be useful to give date stamps to the PDF files somewhere ( either in the filename or in the PDF itself on the credits page ) so users know which version they have and whether an update is available.

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On 22/03/2018 at 12:44 AM, Elder Thing said:

So I just tried downloading from Bits and Mortar, the Keeper Rulebook, Investigator Handbook, Keeper Screen Pack, Pulp Cthulhu and also The Two-Headed Serpent, since I had seen that all these had now been updated over on DriveThruRPG.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to download the Investigator Handbook and the Keeper Screen Pack, since I have now reached my download limit for those two.

However, the ones I was able to download, the Keeper Rulebook, Pulp Cthulhu and The Two-Headed Serpent, none of them were updated. They are still the versions from back in the beginning of April of last year.

Are they supposed to have been updated on Bits and Mortar now?

Is it that the files have been uploaded with changed names, or perhaps as zip-files? Because my guess is that the only way people are able to use their old Bits and Mortar emails to download the updated files, is if the files are uploaded with the exact same name, and filetype, over the old file. That is how I’ve been able to download the Keeper Screen Pack-zip when it was updated on Bits and Mortar a while back.

A suggestion then would be for when you upload new books to Bits and Mortars, is to upload them as zip-files, so if you at a later point want to update or add extra files, like perhaps Handout-PDFs, Resource Pack-PDFs, images and so on. All you need to do is update the contents of the zip-file and reupload it over the old zip-file, with the exact same filename. That way old Bits and Mortar emails should work, atleast for as long as they haven’t reached their download limit.

However, if the files on Bits and Mortar have been updated, I find it strange that I still get the old versions of the books when I try to download them, unless the older versions of the PDFs aren’t removed from the Bits and Mortar servers when new versions are uploaded.


Can you please message me stating which corrections you are not seeing in which books - the errata posted in the Errata Updates thread in this forum has been corrected in the books, so I'm trying to pin down what or where the issue may be. Please note only the corrections detailed in the Errata Updates thread have been approved for correction - this thread: 


Many thanks



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