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My only little quibble


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My little problem with the rules, is having to look at the chart. It's easy to work out the individual success levels, but then having to cross reference on a chart for a further success level seems to spoil the immersion. I suppose you would get used to it, but could there be some simple saying, or easy way to remember. 


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You will begin to internalize it. The way to think about is the number of levels of difference between two results. So:

  • Success vs. Success = 0
  • Success vs. Failure = 1
  • Success vs. Fumble = 2
  • Critical vs. Success = 1
  • ...

Then all you need to do is to undestand what that 'difference' represents:

  • 0: marginal... yet, but or no, but
  • 1: minor... yes or no
  • 2: major... yes, and or no, and
  • 3: complete... yes, and, and or no, and, and

(yes is my shorthand take on how to narrate those)

Once you are done with the narration, remember consequences of defeat and benefits of victory. Tracking those is a key to driving play.

And remember, you care about the outcome mechanically mostly from the PC point of view. Focus on the narrative for the NPCs and don't worry about tracking results for them.

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11 hours ago, Ian Cooper said:

Then all you need to do is to undestand what that 'difference' represents

Or the point value for extended contests (where you want to 'push' the opposition to 5+):

  • Marginal = 1
  • Minor = 2
  • Major = 3
  • Complete = 5

After a session or so, this and what Ian noted above are pretty rote.

The only charts I find myself occasionally referencing are the extended contest summaries for Rising Action and Final Resolution (where you check to see if the 'winner' took any level of 'hurt').


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On 19/04/2017 at 11:53 PM, Garwalf said:

I will agree that many charts could be simplified or presented better. I have developed a couple of my own--though I don't think I have one that addresses Aprewett's concern.

There is a Downloads section that you can submit a file to, if you wanted a way to share that. It would be good to get some HQ content in there

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