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ENworld review

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As it turns out, rumors that the reviewer was in my "Relic Hunter" game earlier this evening may be true. :-)

I hope I didn't negatively impact his standing impression.

He's definitely a fun player.

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That was a pretty good review that was posted a few weeks ago, I have only had time to read it now. 

The BRP BGB is great, but Revolution D100 is perhaps a more modern approach to the same thing in many ways.

I'm still working through it yet, but it looks like a great system to make my own games and settings with, at this stage I like how the skills and traits work. Need more time to really get through it, but it looks like a good solid set of rules I can use.

I'm looking forward to trying it out when I can.

As an aside, I would love to get a form-fillable character sheet to tinker with. Pencil on paper doesn't work for me these days, I need my characters saved in digital format.

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