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skirmishing rules


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I see that having a Skirmishing combat style allows a character to launch  a ranged attack whilst running  

 what about reloading? I would have thought it was OK  to reload an arrow or slingshot whilst moving - how do people play this? And how far can a character move in one combat round ? 

I believe the rules say at the GM's discretion, but it seems a fairly key issue to me, especially if one character might wish to close , and another wishes not to, and keep firing a ranged weapon.

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Movement in combat is in many cases left to the discretion of the GM, particularly in the case of the Move action. But regular human walk is 6m and running is triple that, which some modification for Athletics skill. 

Nothing restricts you from reloading at a walk. Moving at a run or a sprint is a different story. Of course, being mounted eliminates this :) 

In my own game, I allow drawing a weapon on the run, but not reloading. My logic for this is that every ammunition firing weapon I can think of requires a solid amount of precision to get the ammunition where it needs to be to be fired. Arrows nicked on strings, sling bullets in pouches, magazines slotted in, and so on. This probably isn't going to be possible at a run. I could see special training (aka a combat style trait) that would allow bypassing this in some cases with specific weapons.

I'm somewhat disappointed that they removed the miniatures movement from the back. While classic fantasy does do a fine job of explanation, the context of having them in the back was very handy for situations like this. My group likes miniatures, so we use the miniature rules. We ended up modifying them slightly for our own tastes and ingrained preferences.

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jezreel's question is a good one. Loz and/or Pete: any plans for the original rules on tactical movement? And if not, how about making them into one them free downloads? 

I liked them. They may be surpassed by Classic Fantasy, but they hit a nice sweet spot for me.

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Loz and/or Pete: any plans for the original rules on tactical movement? And if not, how about making them into one them free downloads? 

Yes, we're intending such a release, although it's likely we'll use the Classic Fantasy rules over the ones included in RQ6. The CF rules are specifically geared towards miniatures and batlle grid combat, taking into account m ore tactical options than we had in the original appendix.

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Reloading - a silly concept when attack and parry is divorced from simulating every single swish and clang of swords etc.

Keeping track of ammunition remains a problem. A combat action will likely eat up more than one missile. Unfortunately, damage doesn't reflect this.

Pilum, tomahawk, francisca all are likely to be single items - one thrown attack, then there is no more ammo.

A javelineer or spear slinger will carry several javelins, a knife thrower will have more than one throwing blade. Enough for maybe three or four combat actions.

Archers, slingers and crossbowmen have a quiver or bag full of ammo that will last for up to a dozen combat actions.


Heavy crossbows may be an exception to reloading - no can do on the move.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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