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Gloranthan Ephemeris help wanted...

David Scott

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Over in the Glorantha Group Read I directed @AlbertG to have a look at the Glorantha Ephemeris


I half expected this to happen:

Thanks, but it doesn't work in any of my browsers, nor do I know how to run it as a java app :(

Can anyone assist him? (or anyone else that can't get it to work).

This java based piece of software is suffering from Java being blocked due to its insecurity. It is however really cool!



Search the Glorantha Resource Site: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com. Search the Glorantha mailing list archives: https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/

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Discovered after posting in the other thread, that this one had been created, so repeating here.

I found I had to perform two steps to get this to work in Chrome.

1) enable npapi support

There used to be a Chrome answer with this but can't currently find it.  However, these instructions should work: https://www.carnegielearning.com/pages/tech-support/3030

2) update exception list for Java

You can find the information on getting to the Java Control Panel here: https://www.java.com/en/download/help/win_controlpanel.xml

Once there, go to the Security tab, and enter the following URL in the Exception Site List:


After making the changes, I can run the Ephemeris in Chrome.

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I'm using the latest version of Firefox for 64-bit systems. No way to get the applet running inside this browser (support of NPAPI Plugins completely removed) except using the 32-bit version, which will include support until 2018.

So my solution is to download the Java application and to run it directly.

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9 hours ago, Oracle said:
9 hours ago, Oracle said:

Same here (with respect to the browser), but I was able to run it as an app:

  • download the ZIP file
  • unpack the ZIP file into a new folder
  • run java -cp <the new folder> EphemerisII

Just realized that you do not even need to unpack the ZIP file:

java -cp <your path>/ephem.zip EphemerisII

works perfectly.

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ok, so bringing this out of the Guide Week One thread, so as not to derail it, @AlbertG said:


It is very nice indeed, but it looks like the sun moves on a strict 12h Underworld's Sun Path + 12h World's Sun Path.

So, is this canon? Yelm rides at the same speed along the Sun Path every day? I think it would be interesting if at least during sacred time he went slowly so he could appreciate the rituals of the distinct races.

... and I replied ...


According to p.646 of the Guide, "In winter, the Sun's orb is paler and cooler: the days are shorter and the nights are longer. On the longest night, at the Winter Solstice, the Sun is in the Underworld for twice as long as it is in the Sky". 

So is the Ephemeris app not correct about the Sun's path, or is there a misinterpretation going on here about what it's showing? I haven't had a chance to play with it properly, other than to see that it looks extremely interesting and useful.


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19 minutes ago, Steve said:

So is the Ephemeris app not correct about the Sun's path

It's not correct - it just uses a set interval.  Likewise there is no variation made on the Southpath trek which is supposed to move substantially (and Jagrekriand/Shargash can have even more variation in interval).

However, it does provide good positioning for the stars if that's an important part of your game for omens, etc.

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