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Guide to Glorantha Group Read Week 9

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Index - https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/6558-guide-to-glorantha-group-read-index/

  • Please keep your discussions to the current section - it's easy to wander off.
  • Please keep your discussions on the current section in this thread.
  • Use the Deep discussion thread for related but off topic speculations and investigations.
  • Please only add to this if you've read the section. I'm trying to avoid derailments by non-participants.
  • If you are having difficulty finding the threads - they are all tagged: guide to glorantha group read, click the tag and the treads will all appear:
  • https://basicroleplaying.org/tags/guide to glorantha group read/


This week we started our foray into the regions of Genertela, with Dragon Pass, Sartar, Tarsh, The Grazelanders and the Elder Wilds.

 The links to the relevant threads are below:












Edited by David Scott


Search the Glorantha Resource Site: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com. Search the Glorantha mailing list archives: https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/

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