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Guide to Glorantha Group Read Week 9 - The Grazelanders

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The Grazelanders section discussion here!

Don't forget Colin Driver's epic maps and the artwork.





Mike Perry's test compositions for the Wooing of Sorana Tor.

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I remembered wrongly RQG p.25 (and p.114) says

"The tribe is divided into a dozen clans;"

I'm very happy to use Hero Wars information however decannonised it may officially be so that's 5 out of the 12 clans. I even have a copy of Gathering Thunder if I'd known to look in it...

I would have guessed  the nature of Pure Horse clans is to move about within the whole Grazelands as they wish/can assert themselves, rather than to agree long-term allocation of pasture to individual clans.

{...but, the Four Gifts Write up mentions that they (at least) are associated with a winter pasture in one specific valley}


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Added info from Four Gifts writeup
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6 hours ago, Byll said:

Apart from the Four Gifts clan mentioned in the RGQ book P116 do we know the names of the Grazelanader clans? 

The Burning Hoofprint (p214) and the Green Crown clans (p217) are mentioned in the Sartar Companion.  

There was a map listing all of the clans up on glorantha.com but it's now of uncertain status.

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Also in the Heroquest Voices, A Personal View Of Grazer Life, The Endless Pastures Of The Sun, David Dunham mentions:

" We belong to the Hoof Dancer Clan..."

"If you ever need to seek their aid go first to your mother's Sun Ring clan and avoid the greedy Sky Bows."


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