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Gloranthan Colloquialisms

Jon Hunter

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HI All,

I was just wondering if anyone aware of gloranthan colloquialisms, either published or stuffs that has dropped into you games over time?

I just wrote that Balazaring citadel guard was 'as happy as pig in muck' and it kinda worked, but its a northern english phrase which especially works in the context of Balazaring citadels.

Anyone got anything 100% Gloranthan?

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12 hours ago, Jon Hunter said:

I was just wondering if anyone aware of gloranthan colloquialisms, either published or stuffs that has dropped into you games over time?

There were quite a few I created for Imther during my years of gaming there.  I included quite a few in New Lolon Gospel, but that's a bit hard to find these days.  I'll see if I can dig those out.


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Ok, digging out from NLG, here are a few from Imther:

‘To bargain with dwarfs’ - to make a bad deal <or> to have bad odds, particularly while gambling.

‘Yurmalio’s Luck’ - to have uncertain luck.

‘Urox’ breath!’ - to smell foul <or> an exclamation of disgust.

‘To take Apimara’s Shape’ - to become a well-figured woman <or> to become pregnant.  [note: Apimara being one of the fruit tree goddesses]

‘A Ripe Pear’  - a woman ready to give birth.

‘A Ripe Apple’  - a very attractive woman.

‘As Distant as Arahar’ - something very far away <or> a longshot.  [note: Arahar = Pole Star]

‘As Stark as Grimorta’ - a cold-hearted woman.  [note: Grimorta being a bleak imposing mountain ridge below Giant Top overlooking Tork]

‘Guided by Hwarin’s Hand’ <or> ‘Sensing the Waters’  - inspired; figuring something out.

 ‘To Follow the Owl’  - to go home.

‘As Stubborn as Iaris’  - bull-headed; lazy.  [note: Iaris being a local name for the bull-god/Urox]

‘Leaping into the Well’  - overcome with grief.

‘Time to Face the Storm’  - time to fight.

‘Crossed the Bridge’  - died in a poor or shameful manner <or> to betray someone by changing sides.

‘Consumed by Orak’ - filled with hatred.

‘A Son of Orlantio’ - a thief.

‘Stormbringer’  - a troublemaker.

‘Young cheese’ - something shoddy; poorly built or made.

‘Cheap apples’  - illegal or stolen goods.

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And here's a few from Nochet/Esrolia:

“Delaina's wisdom be upon you” – may you be blessed with common sense

“Delaeo’s favors be with you” – good fortune

“My family commands me” – to have no choice in the matter

“It is Grandmother’s will” – there is no alternative

“But a thread in your Grandmother’s cloth” – to be a pawn in a larger plan

There are a few based on the Dead Stone dice (made in the Dead Stone neighborhood in the Deresagar district) which are very difficult to alter or weight - e.g. “a Dead Stone throw”, “as sure as a Dead Stone”, and “she’s got Dead Stone eyes” derive from the dice and are heard throughout the city.

There are also expressions based on the popular street game of Truetoss including: “Bringing the Orb Home” means that someone landed the Orb in the basket, as well as basically doing something right.  Another expression, “Throwing the Orb Away (or Afield),” has come from this game and means that someone tossed away an advantage.

Also expressions based on the ever-derided marsh cabbage, a staple of Seaseason dishes.  These include "Fit only for a Duck" and "a marsh meal" representing something barely edible or passable.

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My cousin once used this rather uncouth description when his PC was telling tall tales in Gimpy's Tavern in a RQ Pavis game, many years ago:

"And quicker than Eurmal could yell "Look! Uleria's dropping her tunics again!", I was up and over that wall, I was!"

I always remembered it :D

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" Sure it's fun, but it is also well known that a D20 roll and an AC is no match against a hefty swing of a D100% and a D20 Hit Location Table!"

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