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    Started playing in '81 with D&D, then T&T and RQ, then everything from Traveller, GURPS, wargames, and Battlecry to Fighting Fantasy, and King of Dragon Pass.
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    RQ Glorantha (looking for regular game), HeroQuest, GURPS, AD&D (running a weekly campaign), Conan anything, Battlecry, and open to suggestions. Happy to game with you sometime!
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    Vancouver BC
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    Some of my favorite game supplements are the Citybook series by FBI/Blade, the Midkemia/Chaosium books (Carse et al), AD&D Celts Campaign, Apple Lane, Griffin Mountain, GURPS Horseclans and Vikings, and any short and easy to run mass combat system. Recently I started playing Forbidden Lands.
    Other than gaming, I like riding horses, camping, history, guitar, and writing.

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  1. I signed up for one of Steve's games as well.
  2. Condolences to Mr. Stafford's family and friends, and to Chaosium. Greg's departure marks the passing of the finest of game designers and RPG innovators. It is a testament to his character that so many were inspired by him, and in some sense one of hiis great gifts to gaming is all those game designers whom he influenced. Equally, he had as much insight as Joseph Campbell or Sir James Frazer in areas of mythology, and was a storyteller on par with Eamon Kelly or Homer. "... then fill it with remembered joy." Farewell, to the King of Dragon Pass.
  3. Done and done - the coupon and everything worked smooth! It was just early last summer ago, I recall watching the video preview of the Quickstart rules. Now, patiently waiting for these hardcovers (one leatherette and one regular), that seems like an excellent turnaround time for such an impressive and significant product. I'm not trying to blow smoke - it's simply a great milestone in gaming. Congratulations, Chaosium team, and thanks!
  4. Bud's Conduit of Character: The player is the conduit to the character. RQG is designed so that players and Gamemasters can succinctly grasp the essence of a character. Nevertheless, two players would tend to play a specific PC in different manners, just as two actors would portray a single role differently. When a GM is interested in having something in the game speak to a character, consider that the player must understand in order that the character understand. - Bud Wright
  5. The Wright Principle of Play (aka the Buddy System): Play with your friends, and make friends with those whom you play. When looking for people to play in your game, consider your friends, even if (perhaps especially if) they are not gamers or if they are not familiar with RQG. How better to improve your own game and the roleplaying game hobby in general than by recruiting new people? Your friends are people who you already enjoy spending time with, so will likely make for a good gaming colleague, and sharing RQG is a great thing to do for a friend. Likewise, when you find yourself playing RQG with people - but perhaps not doing much else with those particular folks - endeavor to befriend them and socialize outside of the game. Building bonds like this can make a game better, and even lead to new friendships that outlast the game. - Bud Wright
  6. This is a great resource, Jaja, thanks I'll be spending part of this evening rolling up a history for a Tusk Rider. In general, I find the character history tables in RQG great fun, and it can make creating NPC's and pre-gens a mini-game in itself. It's nice to have some more tables to access!
  7. Beyond specific spells, one might consider looking at the differences in meta-themes between bronze age history and Glorantha. In our world, battles are (frequently) won by superior logistics, and quicker command and control feedback loops (as well as luck, many say). In Glorantha, battles are won by bold heroes and their gods. You may want such notions to affect your battle more than the results of some individual spells.
  8. "Sweet as a duckling", = foul tasting heh!
  9. This looks excellent, Dimbyd, I've signed up for The Dreaming Ruin. Look forward to seeing you then!
  10. Hello! I've been on the forum for a little while but have not posted much. I've played many RuneQuest and many other rpg's since the early '80's. Glorantha was a strong and early influence on me and my game worlds, RuneQuest likewise influenced the houserules of other games I ran. I was very happy to see Chaosium, RuneQuest and Glorantha united and charging forward. I've really enjoyed reading the posts here on the forums and look forward to more. Would anyone be able to tell me the best place on the forum to post looking for a game / GM / players ? Cheers!
  11. These look great. Especially like the tower shields.
  12. This looks excellent... I'm guessing I'm not the only one who was pausing the video and squinting trying to read parts of it!
  13. Thank you Jon! What an excellent bunch of work, and lots of it! The Troll encounters are super I just finished reading those. Good stuff!
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