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[HQ2] Preparation / Advantage / Situation Changes


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In games like Fate you can decide to roll to take risky/action consuming actions that if possible, give you a leg up (create advantage). Other games have more mechanical versions of this (e.g., different combat actions in savage worlds). 

It *seems* like beyond narrating the outcome, in an extended contest you're just rolling until the outcome is achieved, usually on the same trait repeatedly against the same resistence. e.g.,

Round 1: "I feint and stab him" (rolls Master Swordsman of Ginaz 2W against resistance X)

Round 2: "I leap on a table, then kick him in the face as I slash downward" (same roll as above)

Am I missing something? 

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41 minutes ago, Archivist said:

It *seems* like beyond narrating the outcome, in an extended contest you're just rolling until the outcome is achieved

Well, you've framed a contest and the goal of that contest is to attempt to achieve the outcome.  So, in that sense, yes, you are rolling against the identified resistance until you've either succeeded or failed.

Whether it's using the same or different trait (with the same or different augment) is dependent on the player's preference.  I've had players who continue with the same actions until the contest is done, others who've changed up actions.  And HQG provides options such as Assists, Risky Gambits, Defensive Actions, and Multi-Opponent Penalties that can create varied advantages or risks, particularly in a group extended contest.

How you wish to narrate it can vary, too, but the nice thing with HQG is that everything boils down to a roll for the action and a roll for the resistance.  And at its core it is that simple.

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1 hour ago, Archivist said:

Do the Glorantha books have any additional mechanical widgets?

No, but Mythic Russia and Nameless Streets do.

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