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Weapon errata


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The old hands here have probably figured this all out. However, being fairly new to MW it took me ages to spot all the issues with the weapons. I have compiled a summary table. Are there any issues I have missed?

It is not clear from the text but when you take a weapon skill you take skill in a whole Weapon Class. ‘Shields’ is also a weapon skill even though there is no class number for them. Note that on the weapon tables (MW72-75) some of the Weapon Classes are wrong. Furthermore some of the prices look weird, especially the cavalry lance which is listed as ‘earned’ with no further explanation. Other prices such as a metal shod quarterstaff being as valuable as a greatsword are silly. Assuming thrown spear 1H (MW74) is the same as a short spear (MW72) and a thrown spear 2H is a long spear the prices on page 74 are wrong. There is a missing return on page 79 so all Weapon classes 23 and above are wrong. 

(new prices are my own best guesses)



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    Just got my copy of Magic world today, and the weapon skill thing was pretty confusing.

I noticed that on page 73, Burning torch is weapon class 17, and also Hand Sickle is weapon class 17 as well.

Then on page 74, Throwing Dagger is weapon class 22 but it's missing from the classes on page 79

So these 2 things throw everything out.

Also page 15 says "The skills in the game are thusly organized into five skill groups." so what Skill groups do weapon skills fall under? most could probably be Physical, but I don't think that would work out for bows or thrown daggers.

also I have copied the text from the Weapon Classes table on pages 78 and 79, and made a document with the Weapon Classes table fixed, but I'm not sure if sharing it would breach copyright 😞

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Re weapon skills, check the boxed out table at the top of page 15: “Skill Category Modifiers”. That shows which categories which skills belong to, and explicitly lists all melee weapon skills under Physical, and all missiles under Manipulation.

A purely corrected table probably wouldn’t run foul of copyright - but best practice would be to email Chaosium (https://www.chaosium.com/contact-us/ - I’d guess customer service or MOB) and ask.



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So, a year and a bit on - would anyone be willing to look over a revised set of Weapon Classes and tables I have put together?

I've gone back to the Elric! source(s) (original book and GM's Pack) to try and correct some of the OCR / transcription errors that snuck in, as well as revising the weapon groups a little to make them more logical / coherent - I make no particular claim to the latter changes being "more accurate"! It also includes a few nips and tucks regarding e.g. strangler's cord, burning torch.

Since a chunk of the text describing the weapon's classes is verbatim from Magic World I won't be posting it publicly until its finalised and I've run it past Chaosium but would welcome some other sets of eyes to look over it. Let me know and I'll put a copy up somewhere private and message people a link.


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