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Weapon errata

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The old hands here have probably figured this all out. However, being fairly new to MW it took me ages to spot all the issues with the weapons. I have compiled a summary table. Are there any issues I have missed?

It is not clear from the text but when you take a weapon skill you take skill in a whole Weapon Class. ‘Shields’ is also a weapon skill even though there is no class number for them. Note that on the weapon tables (MW72-75) some of the Weapon Classes are wrong. Furthermore some of the prices look weird, especially the cavalry lance which is listed as ‘earned’ with no further explanation. Other prices such as a metal shod quarterstaff being as valuable as a greatsword are silly. Assuming thrown spear 1H (MW74) is the same as a short spear (MW72) and a thrown spear 2H is a long spear the prices on page 74 are wrong. There is a missing return on page 79 so all Weapon classes 23 and above are wrong. 

(new prices are my own best guesses)



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Yeah, there are some real formatting problems and some incorrect references/prices in there. I fell back to Elric!/Stormbringer 5th ed. to make corrections.

Here's a copy of the weapon tables from Stormbringer 5th ed., it's not 100% 1 to 1, but it should help you get most of the way home.





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