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Breaking the Habit - New Release


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Trapped in a narrow alley, four fugitives must break the shield wall of the highly trained city militia to escape. Their opponents are well armed and well armoured. To get to the city gate and freedom, they need to focus on bypassing the shields and swords, which means breaking old habits...
Mythras Combat Modules provide a self-contained encounter designed to highlight and explore different parts of the Mythras combat system. The module suggests how new tactics and certain Special Effects can be used together to achieve a specific result. The modules aim to encourage creative use of the combat rules that will translate into standard game play. Breaking the Habit focuses on situations where Choose Location>Head may not be the best default choice, and where the use of weapon length, height, and other Special Effects will be of much more use. The module is ideal for introducing new players to the nuances of the Mythras combat engine.
The module contains full advice on combat tactics, guidance on how each side fights during the melee, specially designed NPCs (with full stat cards), and full colour floor plans and character tokens that can be printed out for personal use, or imported to the Roll20 engine.
Note that you need either the Mythras core rules, or Mythras Imperative to make best use of this module.
12 pages | PDF | $2.99

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The Design Mechanism: Publishers of Mythras

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