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New Mythras Podcast!


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Yes, it has arrived! Welcome to the new Mythras podcast - Mythras Matters!
In this episode -'May your Mythras Matter' - an interview with one of the co-creators of Mythras, Lawrence (Loz) Whitaker, and a sneaky peek at what will be new from TDM in the month of May
Hope you enjoy!
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Very good podcast - nicely hosted.  I did at times have some difficulty making out all of the words of Lawrence Whitaker - I'm guessing it was a device or connectivity issue on the guests end. I admittedly don't give Mythras as much attention as some of my other RPGs being very new to it, but having recently purchased Mythras 3e and Mythic Britain along with its supplements, I'm also not completely in the dark. So I was surprised to hear the release of a Mythras Companion is imminent - very glad to have discovered that with this podcast and I'll certainly be purchasing it.

Where do we send any suggestions for future podcasts?

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No worries Lawrence, I could make out the majority of what you said and could always get the gist of it. I lived for a few years in rural Canada when analog phones with party-lines was the most bleeding-edge communication tech most could afford - ouch! I'm spoiled by living in urban Canada on the west coast now, but at times it boggles my mind how Internet speed can crawl and sputter even here.

My recent reading of the Mythras rules and running some Mythic Britain adventures, has gotten me far enough along with the system that there wasn't too much new info in the podcast. I wasn't aware though of the new companion and that you TDM folks were the ones behind the Mongoose Runequest edition. I was hearing good things about that edition on my return in 2010 from a very long absence from P'n'P gaming.

Last month one of the couples in our CoC gaming group was boxing up to relocate to Halifax and brought by a complete set of the BRP Ringworld boxset books. They knew Ringworld was one of the bright highlights of my childhood Sci-Fi reading and I'm keen on finding some way of getting this gift to the table with Mythras. So...I'd really like to hear one of you folks at TDM give 30 minutes or so in a podcast on the best practices, or maybe "the tips and traps" for adapting older BRP settings to Mythras. With BRP being around for 40 years there's so many great settings out there, but for someone new to Mythras like me it seems like a daunting task even if it isn't.


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