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  1. No apology necessary! Thanks for telling your stories! I lived through that period too, but it's great to hear the perspectives of those who knew the creators or were more directly involved in the gaming scene.
  2. Wow -- you were a player in Steve's original Prax campaign? And am I understanding you right that it predated RQ in some form? I've always wondered about it since seeing the note in the rulebook Appendix about the upcoming "Pavis Campaign, drawn from the campaign of Steve Perrin." It must have been very different from what eventually saw print.
  3. And don't forget the salt! Plenty of salt in Pavis (from the halite mines) which trolls and giants would want to trade for, not just for flavor, but also for preserving meats.
  4. Add me to the list of those interested if these are ever published again.
  5. Beyond Prax and Dragon Pass, Glorantha's been described more in fan publications than official Chaosium products. Not Canon, AIUI, but quite a lot of it written by people like MOB, Nick Brooke, Jeff Richard, Sandy Petersen, and Greg Stafford. The best current example would be A Rough Guide to Glamour (the Lunar Empire's capital city). If you're willing to go back to RQ 3 and hunt among the 'zines, yes, there's wild and wonderful material on places far from Dragon Pass. Tradetalk used to devote every second issue to some odd corner of the Gloranthan Lozenge. Back in the 90s, Tales of t
  6. What would giants want? Herds of cattle, bison, or alpacas to turn into food and clothing. Going back to Gonn Orta and Boshbisil, they want magic even more than meat, but they also want help with "fine manipulation," little hands to thread needles (or harpoons), artificers to stitch sailcloth garments, fashion locks, carve scrimshaw and repair pea-shooters. These could be slaves or skilled craftsmen (slave-craftsmen?). Giants would appreciate being able to peer at little stuff better, so even if your Glorantha does not include magnifying lenses and telescopes, they might go for hemispheric
  7. By the same token, no one's ever seen the Red Emperor and Quackjohn in the same room. Damning evidence, if you ask me.
  8. Its first appearance is in Wyrms Footnotes#5 (1978), p. 20. Not old skool, oldest skool.
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