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  1. Perhaps as part of the Illiteracy Age set to follow the Hero Wars. Imagine the chaos that would cause in an urban campaign set in a city like Nochet with lots of scholars and historians.
  2. Thanks. I am particularly interested the Dara Happan version so I’m looking forward to see the write up in GoG. I’m curious about the cult’s relation to the one of Yanafal. Perhaps a friendly rivalry or a heated competition in the lunar ranks?
  3. Does anyone knows if there is an existing cult write up for Pole Star? There are a couple of myths about him but not a ton of info. Being the general of heaven and commanding the Star Captains should make him an important deity. And not to mention it must be a popular warrior cult in solar and lunar armies.
  4. I think it's a good thing that it is not about Dragon Pass once again. Gives the opportunity to roleplay in different locations and to start a different kind of campaign in an urban setting. With all the intrigue and decadence beneath the Red Moon.
  5. I have read in some previous columns that Greg Stafford was planning on writing a Lunar book for the progress and an ending of the Hero Wars. A book that would be similar to King of Sartar but where the Lunars win the war either by conquest or alliances. Has there been a release or draft of this book? Or perhaps a high level view of the plot. Secondly, I would like to hear opinions or ideas on how this ending to the Hero Wars would unfold.
  6. Thanks I'll be sure to grab the guide to Glamour it looks lovingly decadent. Life of Moonson is also a good source of info. I bet the Great Sister gets involved in aiding Arrolia during the hero wars. Or manipulates her brother to do so as mentioned in the Takenegi Steele of Boldhome.
  7. I'm trying to figure out the role of the Great Sister in the Hero Wars. Not much is documented in the sources I read (mainly GtG and the Glorantha Sourcebook) except for the fact that she sacrifices the current mask of the Red Emperor Argentus in a ritual ceremony. Since her dedication is to the people before empire what role or actions will she takes when the empire starts to differ from the Lunar Way itself. Her relations with her brother the emperor is quite different since his goal is first to the empire and then the people. Pelorians will suffer greatly in the later hero wars (Sheng
  8. For me the most interesting exemple if illumination is Arkat. He is the perfect candidate for it since he transcended many cultures and cults and able to escape spirits of reprisal. However with fall of the stygian empire in the second age Arkat is worshipped buy a load of different sects and cults that include illuminates. Since every sect believes to be the ONLY true successor to Arkat I wonder how they feel about one another since they worship and follow different doctrines. Should they believe illuminates from other sects are wrong (perhaps even Nysalorian!) even if illumination give
  9. I checked the table of contents and it looks great. Cool monsters and illumination. Fun for the whole family. 😅
  10. I am looking for interesting ideas for a new campaign. The setting will be around 1627 in Dragon Pass after Argrath lights the flame of Sartar. However the PCs will be Lunars from the heartlands drawn into the conflict. The main focus will be adventuring while fighting for the victory of the Red Goddess against the rebel gods. So the war is viewed differently than usual. Now viewed from the Lunar side. I’m not considering the published material describing the future of Dragon Pass (past 1627) but instead concentrating on how my Glorantha may vary. Any good ideas for Lunar PCs
  11. I read in the Runequest Roleplaying in Glorantha that members of the cult are not allowed to use Tap sorcery. It does not imply that members can use sorcery but I was wondering why it is mentioned. I think it is the only cult with sorcery restriction without further explanations. Can a member of the Chalana Arroy cult use sorcery healing spells? Perhaps as being in an mixed Malkioni and Lightbringers culture similar to the Henotheists of Ralios.
  12. I'v read KoS and the end seems promising, at least from an Orlanthi point of view. Argrath and dragons destroy the physical body of the Red Moon goddess and everything is supposed to be different from that point on. Can you give more information about the death of gods, disappearance of magic and Argrath's lack of character? I probably missed one the books explaining this part.
  13. The Yelmalio hero could be Rurik Runespear. Leader of the Sun Dome Spears in the hero wars and companion to Argrath.
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