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  1. That place looks perfect for a Dara Happan religious center. The top would be reserved for rituals to Yelm and other sky gods taking place at the mid-day's sun.
  2. This is in part one of the events of the Hero Wars. The Safelster region and the prophecy of the return of Arkat. What is very significant about Safelster is that it is made of a lot of different kingdoms who disagree on the main question. Every kingdom and sect of Arkat in that region believe they have the truth about Arkat and that others are all wrong. Arkat is the embodiment of "the ends justify the needs". Meaning so some sects may use chaos. Remember that Arkat is worshipped in all forms of his quest. From a Brithini warrior to a ZZ troll berserker. Now the good stuff in the Hero Wars is when Arkat returns. In 5 (or more) different persons. That's when the proverbial poop hits the fan.
  3. Is Sheng Seleris considered a solar emperor? Can some like him be able to pass the 10 tests to become emperor of Dara Happa? After all the pent nomads are enemies of DH since before the dawn.
  4. Personally I don't like the fact that we know the timeline and outcome of the Hero Wars. It's a little bit like starting a new novel that you already know the ending. Of course YGWV but I wish that I did not know what happened after 1627. Argrath becomes king of Dragon Pass and finally can rival the Red Emperor. Choose your side and let the games begin. The Monster Empire is a great example. I really like Solar and Lunar mythology and happenings (for better or worse). But to know that Peloria is going to get thrashed in the end is disappointing for me. However they're some positive points. One example is the Great Sister, daughter of Sedenya, and she likes to protect the little people so to speak. And the White Moon Movement offers great roleplaying hooks. I just wish certain locations in the present day 1625, like Pamaltela or Maniria, would get more attention than to concentrate on the Hero Wars from start to finish.
  5. I have always been curious about the futur of the Lunar Way vs the Lunar empire. If I can quote some sources: Illumination is practiced within the Lunar Empire but the authorities prefer the more orthodox approach (while often called Illumination) of Sevening. And Illumination is monitored in the Empire by Examiners to prevent Occlusion. Sevening involves recognition of the All and how, as the Red Goddess teaches "We are all Us". Lunars are vulnerable to Occlusion; the false awareness that the Lunar is All.
  6. Looks awesome. I’m always glad to see Elmal content.
  7. I thought the Red Emperor as an entity took up the mantel of emperor of Dara Happa following the reign of Yelmgatha. There are different masks of the red emperor but in a way it is the same being. Does every masks of the red emperor need to take once more the 10 tests?
  8. I hope you continue with your project of writing this book for the Jonstown compendium. Ralios has always been my favorite region of Glorantha. It is well documented and the hero wars provide tons of opportunities. Of course the return of Arkat is the main subject. As far as the many Arkats I believe Argin Terror has a role to play in this, perhaps as the chaotic version of Arkat. I gets really interesting when the Arkats flee to Ardinyar in Lankst for protection against Seshnela. Ardinyar is a great hero of Orlanthi Lankst and is allied with Otkorion who houses the Chariot of Lightning Sect. IMO the Orlanthi of Ralios are so much more interesting than those of Dragon Pass. The huge tribe of Lankst and the henotheists of Otkorion are awesome. The struggle between this alliance of Arkats and Orlanthi against the King of the West in Seshnela will probably be the main event! Ardinyar is latter hailed as the king of Ralios but the fate of the new Archons is not as clear. To finally unite Safelster and revive the Stygian Empire would be a great event.
  9. The topic of the Many Suns is often mentioned. I’m not sure exactly what it means. Could you explain?
  10. Those two seem to be the same god but but I'm really interested about Elmal in Orlanthi society. Yelmalio has been well documented in many sources but Elmal not as much. Do Elmal cultists behave differently than Yelmalions? As strict as Yelmalions or more Orlanthi-style? Perhaps there are no gifts and geases. What happened at the Hill of Gold? Orlanth battled and stole Yelmalio as an enemy. How is the myth different so that Elmal becomes the faithful thane? Does Elmal offer fire-based magic to his followers? I saw an old Elmal cult write-up and he seems a lot different than Yelmalio and his cult is more appealing.
  11. I'm looking ahead in the hero wars but as for battles of Jar-Eel there is a mystery (or misunderstanding) about the battle of heroes. The iconic battle between Jar-Eel and Harrek finally happens. The result is Harrek killing Jar-Eel and left somewhat of a cripple from his wounds. However Jar-Eel is later comes back in the hero wars. What happened to her? Resurrected in a hero quest or perhaps Harrek fought another lunar hero instead? My sources are from King of Sartar so may be a little biased towards orlanthi.
  12. I don't think heating the soil is the only purpose. There is one (or many) active volcano in Caladraland. This would be an ideal place for worship and to protect the land against enemies of the fire or earth pantheons. It also allows them to weaponize the environnement against invasion, or perhaps a flood in the later hero wars 🙂 . I'm not entirely certain about this but in think there are Mostali using the heat from the Vent as a tremendous power source.
  13. That’s a good question. Any information on the Vadeli implications during the hero wars? Especially for the long run.
  14. Since Belintar is a living god in the material world would that be considered a breach of the great compromise?
  15. Wow it looks great. I especially like the Italian feel in the short clip. I gotta get me one of those Glamour dry gin bottles. Any plans on making a paper version?
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