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  1. I can't speak for my players, but these ideas sound great! They will have to deal with all the grumpy mutants while uncovering the alien conspiracy and their own terrible origins. On top of keeping up in the races! The climax and a few other points will probably involve the players having to take their vehicles out of the track to fight their enemies head on or even on foot! Though their cars and weapons might not be the best against real war machines, to say nothing of their own armor against actual ordnance.
  2. Oh, sounds fun, do they get to have their martini's shaken or stired while being chances by a guy with metal teeth? With 72 lapsto go through. key playable laps sounds like a good idea. The last few laps should be the most important ones while the others could be rolled through. Good luck on your game!
  3. Did you draw and or print out the courses and give the players a miniature or hotwheels car for the races? I am not sure how to do it otherwise so that is what I am thinking of doing for this game. This sounds good as well. I think if I take this and replace many of the superpowers with weapons from the artillery section of the big golden book, and or BRP-Mecha it would make an interesting way for the players to have a point-buy system to customize their cars using the sportscar, sedan or one of the other vehicles as a base to build on. My original idea was to have a standard 3
  4. I have heard a lot about M-Space on these forums and it does sound pretty cool, like Traveler but more unique. (And less dying in character creation LOL) What are the pool things about? How much does it's rules differ from the one found in the Big Golden Book? I like that idea a lot. If you add an option for moving forward to try and get ahead that would be about perfect. Thanks! I REALLY like the spaces and track set up you suggested. I will have to save it for my material. the success rolls and speed rules are another great idea for the game. Yeah, the super power t
  5. I think the setting could work, asside from raceing the setting involves the players being the product of a mutant super soldier program that was key to defeating an alien invasion. After the war, they were out of a job so the players and many other out of work mutants start up the vehicular combat and racing racing industry. They will have to deal with underworld crime syndicates infiltrating the races, corrupt mega corporations and government agencies seeking to regain controll their former assets, and even perhaps a resurgent alien threat. Also, Car Wars sounds interesting, I will have
  6. Hi. My latest game idea has the players being part of a vehicular combat and racing circuit where they race armed to the teeth through death courses and try to shoot down the other racers and win in first. The chase rules in the big golden book seem pretty nice, but I don't think they are quite up to the task when it comes to using weapon systems or simulating an actual race between competitors. So I was wondering what you guys would do in this situation. Would you just write up the cars as gadgets using the supper power section and "play" it as a character with the players using their pi
  7. Ah, thank you both. I don't think this is actually what I am looking for, I was looking for something more akin to psychic powers or jedi type force abilities, both for inspiration for my book I am writing and for some games I want to run. The psychic powers in the Big Golden Book just seem rather lackluster to me and could use some fleshing out. Anyways, thanks for the help.
  8. The party won't do, only money!
  9. The ferengi want to know your location.
  10. They are actually giving away the first and second Starcraft games for free now, so you should definitely check them out. I got them a while ago, but recently I have been playing more Star Wars Knights of the old Republic. Starcraft is basicaly Warhammer40k lite with less grimderp chaos gods and more realistic sci-fi with some psychic powers thrown in for good measure.
  11. My awnser would be Star Trek, eventhough I like Star Wars better for fantasy space. Most of the stuff in Star Trek like laser guns and warp drive is based on current scientific theories, yet it also has plenty of "fantasy" elements to it as well like teleporters, psionics, and Q. Another good example might be Starcraft, with the human faction at least having plausible technology. As for the Protoss and Zerg, that is up to you. Hope this helps.
  12. I have not watched either of those, though I can get the zombie island connection. I am actually working on a globe spanning cult of my own for the book I am working on based heavily on a cobination of Cthulhu and Giygas from Earthbound. Hints of this cult can be found throughout world mythologies where the cult had interacted with indigenous peoples in ancient times. How would this cult of Ubasti have spread so far and gained so much popularity to begin with?
  13. That is a rather fun game idea. Lee Meriwether's Catwoman kept floating through my mind while reading the story hook. I have always loved the feel of pulp games, though I have never tried one, nor have I read any. Perhaps I should try it out sometime, and perhaps bring in The Shadow and Doc Savage for good measure too.
  14. Holy cat people Batman! This sounds like it's right out of Adam West Batman... I love it! I wonder if holding up cat nip would have any affect on the cultists, or using a giant laser pointer for that matter. Good work on the story idea.
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