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  1. I am now 2 sessions into a CoC 7th Edition / Pulp / MW game. My players like the 7th edition rules, especially flight back and fighting manoeuvres. I have tweaked some MW magic rules to fit and all well so far. I did introduce a house ruled shield fix. As well as fighting back and dodge I introduced Defend. In this the PC uses his WS in opposition and in case of a draw the defender wins just like dodge. However if the defender uses a shield he uses his shield skill and gains a bonus dice. It seems to work so far.
  2. I usually generate leaders stats and then use the average for the rest, usually having a std stat block labelled 'mooks'. I then will have slightly better stats for better trained NPCs as well. In every group of NPCs I usually, if I have the time, generate another full stat block. I use this for flavour and sometimes just a trigger for me to add some variety.
  3. I'd buy an updated BGB as well. D100 is my go to system for home-brews in all eras and settings. I'd like to see it updated to CoC7 mechanics I think. Im currently running an 'evil' fantasy campaign using CoC7/Pulp Cthulhu with Magic from Magic World and advanced Sorcery with tweaks from the BGB as required. It works well even though I tweaked the 'Fight Back/Dodge" mechanic to include a 'Defend' and make shields worth taking. My players are loving it so far.
  4. I have picked and chosen from many D100 systems. I used BRP for a Steampunk game and then simplified it all by using OQ2. Ive done a modern zombie hack using BRP and OQ2. I re imagined my Steampunk to run an airship trading based campaign using elements from Pirates and Dragons. After running a Laundry campaign I have adapted that for other 'modern' eras including a 'Sons of Anarchy' crime caper and am currently using them for A Very British Civil War themed campaign that will very soon morph into a pulp-ish weird science, Indiana Jones affair.
  5. I have RoH but not used it yet. Currently running OQ2 as written for fantasy but added the special actions from RQ6 as my players love them. Last year I ran home brews. Steampunk and a modern Zombie game. I added hit locations for the zombie game. I love the simplicity and flexibility of the system so it's my go to.
  6. Cheers Sunwolfe, not far from what I was thinking. As you said ill stick with what I think especially with 4. This is mainly due to a player who bides his time and then great attacks once he knows he does not need to parry. I could go BRP and go through a statement period to prevent this, using the rule that the intent has to be made early to allow the swing to build up for the great attack. However my players like to keep the cat running quickly so ill carry over the loss of reaction.
  7. Hi all, I've been using OQ2 rules for a while now and have run home brew games for Steampunk and Modern Zombie. Ive just started a standard fantasy campaign that includes some old school style dungeon crawls as well as investigation type play. This time I am running as much as I can rules as written as I have new players and they have copies of the basic rules. some questions that popped up that I house ruled at the time but would like other opinions. 1. Is there a penalty from breaking contact from melee. Does the attacker get a free hit. 2. Can you charge into 2 characters already in melee or are they moving too much. 3. If a character runs and another character charges him from behind and just makes it into close cbt, do the charge bonuses work. 4. Do penalties from special attacks in no reaction if a great attack is used carry over to the next round. This came about because a character with lowest initiative could attack last with a great attack if he has not used any reactions. Cheers for any clarification and ideas.
  8. Agreed but my players prefer it as they feel that the lower roll is always better, i.e. nearer to a crit or special success. Also i started them on Dark heresy so they understand a 'degrees of success' with a roll a little more.
  9. I use winner is the one with greatest amount of success. Mainly because I read the rules wrong but as an example. A has a skill of 80% and B has a skill of 40%. They oppose and by a massive coincidence both succeed by rolling a 30%. A wins as he made his roll by 50% as opposed to B making his roll by only 10%. A little bit of maths but works oK.
  10. I must have read the rules wrong as well. I only allow a player to take martial arts for a specific melee weapon/ unarmed combat style that fits within the world/scenario. In my current steampunk/VSF campaign certain characters have martial arts skill in fencing (sword/foil/sabre), La Canne (fighting with a cane and even an ex fairground pugilist who has pugilist as his martial art. Not sure where I got the rule from but if the attack roll is successful for both the martial art and the to hit roll I allow the player to roll damage twice but choose the highest result only. When using the RQ6 combat effects instead the player can forego the damage roll and choose an extra effect instead. Of course many therefore choose the maximise damage effect. Seems to work OK.
  11. I use the special hit rules from RQ6. You get these effects a little more often than a crit and if out numbering the plate armoured behemoth you get even more. One of the specials that can be taken is to ignore the armour as the attacker has found a weak joint.
  12. Ah Car Wars, my lost love of the late eighties. I have nearly all of the add ons and ADQs as during my wargaming blight years I bought stuff cheap and even on ebay in the early years. I have run campaigns based on arena combat as well as adventures in a more role playing seting. Used to end up with car wars scale battles going on with 15mm scale skirmish along side. Happy days.
  13. Mostly BRP and openquest home brews now. However still occasionally dabble with AD & D, Traveller, Megatraveller, Traveller TnE, car wars and for miniature gaming XWing. Saying all that may well try and do a Traveller port for BRP as my current gaming group love the simplicity and yet also crunch ability of BRP.
  14. Check out the 'Pirates and Dragons' rules. Some posts on the subject in the Renaissance section.
  15. No help to the subject at hand but I am really interested in the mechanics of this. I love Traveller and have thought about a port / term advancement for skill progression. I would really be interested in your final results. If you need any info from the Traveller books let me know. As a fan I have amassed copies of the original LBB, Mega traveler, Traveller New era, GURPS Traveller (I think) and Marc Millers Traveller4.
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