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  1. There's three pbp games running on a forums I go to pretty often using BRP.
  2. I would do a giant's club as an area effect attack, actually. But the point is absolutely correct. Dodge is superior in many ways, especially the fact that with a successful parry, you can still take damage if the damage points exceed the AP of your parrying weapon and your armor. With a successful dodge, you avoid all of it.
  3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4. ENCumbrance heavily affects Dodge skill, so you'll only usually see dodging from a character wearing no armor (like a renaissance duellist, or Wild West gunslinger).
  5. Hey now, no replies since January? Let's go, I need some fresh blood at the table!
  6. I don't know anyone who has... I'd almost be willing to bet that no one has (not even sure about the playtesters). I bought it, but it didn't seem like it would work any better than Villains & Vigilantes or Marvel SuperHeroes, both of which I played too many years ago to think about. DC Heroes and Champions are the only ones that I've played more than once. It seems that you can have a game that allows you to play normals, or a game that allows you to play supers, but not both. HERO system (4th ed - I know nothing about 5th) can almost do it. It's close enough that you can make it work. I, too have been wondering what I would get if I purchased the Superworld game for sale on the Chaosium site...
  7. So... what do you have to say about this: Apple - Trailers - Watchmen
  8. My copies of RQ3 say that Martial Arts is not a skill that can be increased through experience; only by research and/or training, and that's the way I have always done it. You'd get a check on whatever attack you succeeded with, but you don't get better at Shaolin through hitting things, you get better at Shaolin by meditation and clean living
  9. Hm, I wonder what % of the books belong to posters here?...
  10. RuneQuest 2 & 3 Pavis & Big Rubble by a wide margin. Sun County would be a close second...
  11. I've been asked this before, and the answer is simple. 2x the AP in the location, +2x the HP in the location. This is based upon the RQ3 damage that indicates that double damage in a location has destroyed or penetrated that location. Logically, you'll hit the armor on the way out, also. An average unarmored human would be worth 8AP at best, 5AP at worst. @ material: perhaps other materials should be rated in terms of a % of steel, rather that a flat mod.
  12. I think that Champions does very well meshing vehicles, constructs, and armor suits and such by not altering the system to accomodate them, but rather defining them in existing system terms. I think that this would work in BRP also. Speed = Move rate Carry Capacity = STR Fuel Range = FP Armor = well, AP. But vehicles would have a different hit location chart based upon what type of vehicle it is. One of the locations would be Crew Compartment or something else more descriptive. The vehicle would have generic hit locations of, instead of head, chest, limbs, etc, of Engines, Crew Compartment, Movement Control (Tires, wings, etc.) Weapons might be assumed damaged if located in a location that loses all its armor or treated as part of the armor (remember weapons have AP also).
  13. So, I'm the only one here to play Rolemaster and SpaceMaster? Wow. NickMiddleton and I are alone in the enjoyment of Ars Magica... Played more than once: Ars Magica Boot Hill Bushido Champions Chivalry & Sorcery Cyberpunk 2020 DC Heroes D&D 3.5 GURPS Mage Mercenaries Spies & Private Eyes Recon Rolemaster RuneQuest Shadowrun Spacemaster Star Frontiers Stormbringer Werewolf Wild West
  14. I've quoted and cut and et cetera, but I've given up on that. Those who are following the thread can figure it out. I still maintain that most system-type restrictions on spellcasters are only in place to maintain 'play balance'. Several posters have expressed that this is sometimes, if not always, necessary, for (it seems) one or two reasons: 1) Spellcasters may be rare in the setting. 2) Non-spellcasters may feel impotent. My answer to #1: Yeah, so? PCs in ANY game probably should not be considered to be a statistically correct cross-section of society. Those type of people get a job, get married, have kids, and die peacefully in their beds. PCs are NOT those people. If spellcasters are rare in the world, then (1) restrict magic to NPCs, or (2) accept the fact that there will be a statistically improbable number of spellcasters in the group. This doesn't mean that there's a spellcaster behind every bush, it just means that 'birds of a feather flock together,' and you're more likely to see several travelling together than see a lone one. Perhaps you want to say that people are mistrustful of magic - fine, but that's not a system mechanic issue; it's a roleplaying issue. Perhaps you want to say that magic is very difficult or dangerous. Fine, but you better know WHY. If it's because it has a taint of evil, then again, that's a RP issue or a add-on mechanic issue. If it's just to restrict players from choosing spellcasters, then just go ahead and outlaw it for PCs and be done with it. My answer to #2: (apologies - I think I may ruffle some feathers here, but I'm not trying to attack anyone, and if you give it a moment to think about it, you might agree I have a point) Any non-spellcaster who feels like they can't have fun playing in a group where one character has more power / ability might be suffering from a lack of focus. It's not a competition between characters, it's a 'role-playing' game. If you're trying to 'win' the game, you're not thinking in the right direction (IMHO). It's not what you have, it's what you do with it. As others have said, it's the GM's responsibility to see to it that all characters have their chance to shine. I don't see it being the system's responsibility to limit certain abilities so that the job is easier. Granted, this does require a good GM, and good players (or a majority of them). If the GM does their job, though, there will be opportunity for the non-spellcaster to shine, and feel they are contributing. It's the same as in most fantasy games, the player who doesn't choose to be an elf, and instead chooses a human, is severely hampered compared to his pointy-eared companions, unable to see in the dark, having to sleep, and other assorted benefits of elfdom. You CHOOSE to play what you choose to play. Not having fun? Choose something else to play. A very good correlation in BRP is the Stormbringer races. With one Melnibonean in the group, you're looking at the same problem. You simply can't compare mundanes and supernatural beings - that's why they have the prefix 'super'; means above average. They're NOT the same, you can't equalize them - and you shouldn't. Just play the character, not the charace's stats - the way to truly 'win' the game is to have fun, and it just might be possible to have a goal that doesn't involve dealing more or as much damage / round as the next character.
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