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  1. I found an old article published by the Penn Museum that talks about ancient maps in general: https://www.penn.museum/sites/expedition/ancient-cartography/ Check out the Egyptian map of gold mines especially. I also found a doctoral thesis: Terrestrial Cartography in Ancient Mesopotamia It contains (inter alia) numerous plans of canals, city quarters, houses, and temples, so it's perfect for your next foray into Pavis and/or the Big Rubble. There's also a chapter on the Babylonian world map that @Hijabg mentioned above, including complete translations of the text, front a
  2. Here's a 3rd century BC Roman itinerary engraved on silver cups (and a modern, flat re-creation to get a sense of the whole thing). I always envisoned the Lunars using something like this (though usually on a papyrus or linen scroll).
  3. I seem to have made a successful R/W roll in a similar vein to the "speakers also know Earthtongue at a ratio of 1% to 10% Esrolian" rule.
  4. "Combat in runequest is visceral and always potentially deadly. Players should be mindful that even the least trollkin can take out your..." Then it cuts off.
  5. scribal errors aside, I think the incipit is “combat in runequest is visceral and always potentially deadly”. but I can’t check as I’m not home at the mo.
  6. Maybe the third line should be read as : a-l-a-z pa-ta-n-ta-l-i ra-d = alas, potentially rad! But probably not...
  7. I had a go at translitterating with a sign-list, but it didn't seem to make a lot of sene after the first few words (unlike the cuneiform text on Mythras Imperative, which had a few wrong phonemes due to, I presume, key-mapping on the font they used, but was entirely comprehensible). ka-m-ba-t i-n ru-n-(e)-ku-(e)-s-t s vi-sa-ra-l = combat in Runequest is(?) visceral(?) But after that...
  8. But... Old Persian cuneiform is iron age. I think you'd sell more copies if people didn't have to achieve Rune Level to use the rules.
  9. I adore stuff like this. My favourite ever Runequest 6 game was supposed to be about exploring a grim world of dark and ancient magic, but took a decidedly Austen-y turn when the PC had to flee the hapless suitor her eldest brother had contracted for her to marry. I decided that I had accidently created a new genre, 'sword-and-sensibility'.
  10. Hi all, I mostly just lurk on the forum, but I made some 3x3 combat tracker sheets recently for Magic World that I thought I ought to share with the group. They were inspired by the Affiliations, Beasts and Otherworldly Beings records on the back page of the character sheet which I did use for a while as NPC records, but ultimately thought could be better organised (like some of the RQ ones). Version 1 is essentially generic mini-character sheets. Version 2 is more combat-focussed, and has a small selection of skills pre-printed, being the ones I always end up needing to know fo
  11. I have to confess I've never seen eugepae in medieval Latin, but then most of my medieval reading is either philosophy or grimoires, so it wasn't likely to have come up. Generally when I write in Latin, I try to avoid medievalisms (and early-modernisms). The few times I've tried to write a faux-medieval text, I've written it out normally then used find-and-replace to change each AE to E, and made a few other changes if I can remember them. Hec fraus michi sufficit.
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