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  1. For further inspiration, I picked up a copy of On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers last weekend.
  2. Getting "Access Denied" while trying to download. Does anybody have a copy or suggestion for an alternative location to download from?
  3. Ordered an OpenQuest bundle. Looking forward to getting it!
  4. From my first look, the Be easy and free when you're drinking with me... section has the most immediate appeal. With a few modifications it would be easy to drop Imlis Bragona into a Pirates & Dragons game.
  5. https://www.radicalhonesty.com/store/korporate-kannibal-kookbook
  6. What we've seen so far with the application of machine learning algorithms is that it is way too easy for the biases of the programmers to get baked in. That has already proven to be problematic!
  7. The major challenge as I see it is that our current political economy means that the financial benefits of full automation will accrue solely to the owners of capital and the rest of us may find ourselves immiserated to Dickensian levels. See Marshall Brain's Manna for an exploration of two scenarios of how full automation could play out: http://marshallbrain.com/manna1.htm
  8. Was looking at the Black Olvaldir's Fort entry in Pirate Places and was wondering how to handle sharkmen. Found Wereshark stats in the Big Damn Book of Monsters and for a bonus, Seawolf stats. I then realised that both the core book and Curious Creatures don't have any entries for Lycanthropes, which seems like a bit of a missed opportunity given the possibilities of (semi-)aquatic and tropical variations of Lycanthropes. Wondering what other people have thought about or done along these lines. Would also like to know what other relevant resources there are for this topic.
  9. So this question was asked years ago and I'm sure @Archivist has come up with his own solutions long since. I found it intriguing on stumbling across it yesterday and have had some thoughts subsequently. I would reserve Alchemy and Witchcraft for Uropan characters and allow those characters access depending on their background as follows: Those from a lower class, less educated and/or from a rural background, would be able to have Witchcraft. Those from a higher class, more educated and/or from an urban background, would be able to have Alchemy. For those characters tha
  10. Bought the PDF this week. Wondering if anybody here's run it and would like to share what it was like.
  11. I liked your Dramatis Personae pdf. I shall try to follow your example and source appropriate period imagery. Regarding background reading, I have the following: David Cordingly's Life Among the Pirates: The Romance and the Reality which has a chapter on Pirate Havens such as Port Royal. Linebaugh & Rediker's The Many-Headed Hydra: Sailors, Slaves, Commoners, and the Hidden History of the Revolutionary Atlantic. Gene Wolfe's Pirate Freedom.
  12. @Lord Sephleon looks great for running Barry Blatt's LotFP material, such as van Steen's Company in The Undercroft #3, and The Treason of the Guitar in The Undercroft #4. Of course, more significantly there's his official LotFP supplement England Upturn'd. With a bit of additional work, could also use it to run Better Than Any Man.
  13. So one thing that jumped out at me while poring over the Pirates & Dragons book were the size and detail of the gazeeteer entries for the Freeports like Safehaven. This signaled to me that the Freeports could be used as homebases and adventure locales in their own right. So I'm wondering what others have done with this. I'm currently considering reskinning Estarion - City of Knives to serve as the basis for my take on Safehaven. Also looking at 25 Port City Adventure Seeds (already created a D12 random table to go with the first seed). What ideas and resources have you us
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