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  1. Ned


    Hadn't spotted that about Luck, but Jajagappa was correct.
  2. Ned


    Also, while I'm thinking about runes... Is there any other established use/meaning for the rune previously used for Godsday? The one that looks like half a Fate rune. Hmm... I note that in the Sourcebook p.135, the Fate rune = Wildday and Luck = Godsday in the, while the Guide p.112, uses Fate rune = Godsday and Luck = Wildday. I'm assuming the Sourcebook's in error.
  3. Ned


    Thread necromancy due to me just noticing an uncommon rune in an official publication: Rausa/Dusk rune, p.122 of The Guide, in a depiction fo the Lightbringer's Quest.
  4. How big's Hungry Jack?
  5. Yes, the cockerel does seem an excellent non-exotic choice for farmer types. In reference to my original Vangono three breaths query, while looking for something else in the Search Engine of Lhankor Mhy, I stumbled across this, from Greg: "One time the LB were all captured by Darkness forces and kept prisoner in Argan Argar's basement. Eurmal turned himself into a raven, hence a "darkness creature," and escaped. He hung around for a while with the other dark forces, drinking the intoxicating drink that Zorak Zoran's boys served, but got bored and so stole the bottle and flew away. Th
  6. That's an exciting suggestion. Is it your own, or drawn from elsewhere?
  7. Lodril is also God of Wrestling...
  8. In other Heat-related thinking... can anyone suggest candidates for animals associated with or sacred to Lodril? I remember reading something about Lodril, Donkey and the Death Rune, but it seems a bit close to Issaries and his mules... and there's the fire wren hsunchen who have a fire association, but Lodril would've just given it to them. Perhaps an earthbound bird? I was thinking ground-shaking terrorbirds, that maybe incubate their eggs in volcanic ash.... but the dragonewts get demi-birds. Moa had a long, mildy phallic neck... EDIT: I just realised that moa get a mention
  9. This has been very helpful, thanks all. I really like the conceptual neatness of the three types of flame being based on the lowfires, but I'm not sure it suits Vangono warriors' place in the culture - itching to get out of the humdrum and into battle, with everyone else having to deal with the consequences. Perhaps he does need to express fires not present in his Lowfire siblings. This is beautifully put, though... ... and makes me think about myths about the taming of fire, and differentiating between the nourishing, useful or ritual fire... and Vangono's violence. Is his curren
  10. Does anyone know (or fancy speculating) what Pamaltelan war god Vangono's three types of flame breath might be? Given that the Vangono Recruitment Song in Arcane Lore mentions that "Now the time is come again, Father Vangono breathes across the plains", I guess one of the flames might be an inspirational (well, expirational) fire to rouse warriors. Perhaps another is like the Soulspear spell's translucent black flame which drains Magic Points. And the last might just be hot. I can't help but think it's been mentioned or played with somewhere. Any thoughts much appreciated.
  11. I am Neil Edmond and had no recollection of writing something... but just searched it out and felt slightly proud.
  12. The King Of Dragon Pass game offers many insights into 'everyday' Sartarite life, behaviours, feelings, etc.
  13. Their initiation into adulthood is a big deal - as well as a big feast and new status, I believe they'll get clan tattoos, the benefits of clan Rune magic, the clan wyter, and possible lay membership of another cult. If you want to give them a bit of loot, but in a culturally rooted way, then perhaps at the feast they're also gifted a weapon or piece of armour (or item suited to their parental occupation, with potential fun use in adventure) by their family or the clan chief. Or they get their heirloom (if you've not given it during charcter creation). Using their parental occupation
  14. I really like the majority of them, and my only dislike is Zorak Zoran - but I'd guess the sculpt's emphasising some fight-beyond-death gift he possesses in-game. Lankhor Mhy has grown on me - hints of overlap with Zzabur (multiple eyes, pointy hat), harp noting his role as "History Singer", little claws for scratching knowledge down as leader of the Marks on Bark Clan. Babeester Gor is dynamic, but I wish she had a little hint of having just leapt from her dead mother's womb, trailing gore or something. I'm post-rationalising Chalana Arroy's halo as a rotated Light rune and win
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