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    The usual. picked it up as a messed up kid and carried it on as a messed up adult.
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    mostly chaosium products, but if you named something i've probably played it.
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    Not much to say really. I work, I eat, I excrete, I've passed on my DNA to a subsequent generation, and now I await spiritual enlightenment...or an alien invasion...or an asteroid a la the dinosaurs...or pizza. Come on pizza.

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  1. CJ, you rock. I've pasted half of the south western Ontario gaming community :cool:with Wassups using this website. Hopefully this is the start of a kick ass gaming group. Cheers
  2. Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Paul and I use the handle Threshold on-line. I live in southern Ontario, Canada and have been gaming for going on thirty years. You name it, I've played it and probably Gm'd it as well. I started with Dumb & Dumber, switched to Runequest and have been a Chaosium junkie eversince. Right now the group I'm playing with has a World of Dorkness fetish and I can't seem to shake them from it. I don't mind it but my favourite system (despite it's quirks and limitations) is still BRP. I have played with the same group of peope for most of that time, with a fe
  3. Howdy, does anybody out there live at or near the tri-city area in Southern Ontario (Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph)? I'm looking to join up with or start a group. Anybody...Anybody...Bueller...:confused:
  4. Hi folks, I too would love to get my hands on Other Suns. First one to post it in a format that can be successfully grabbed gets oodles of positive karma directed at them from me and my loyal (but blissfully deluded) followers.
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