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  1. It's possible, given that New Malkonwal may not have been very far away before it vanished.
  2. Latest. I may work on the shading of the horse tonight. Am using the cataphract sketches in two places - smaller to illustrate the chapter on cataphracti, and in the regional chapter. Reworked version below. As I add more sketches to 'Men of the West' the page count increases; if I want roughly one illustration per three pages, ignoring the appendices, I need about eight more.
  3. It's not unlike opinions of Alexander, which vary with time and place. For some he's a great conqueror who sought revenge for the treatment of the Greeks in Ionia and Aeolia and the burning of Athens, for others he is a ruthless conquer who overthrew the democracies of Greece, for others he is the ambitious tyrant who destroyed one of the most tolerant empires in the Ancient World, the general who misused his faithful troops and when they thwarted his plan to reach the Ganges punished them by having them march through the deserts of southern Persia where many died, for others he is the g
  4. Is there also an issue that in some ways the Hill of Gold somehow reflects the Cosmic Mountain, even though it had been destroyed? Perhaps as the pilgrims (whether of Yelmalio, Kargzant, Manimat or Antirius (or even Elmalus?)) ascend the 'hill' they enter the mythic landscape which is very different to the terrain seen from below, so that the mere hill becomes something closer to a golden mountain. If it doesn't change then the motives of the pilgrims aren't sufficiently pure, or they haven't undergone the necessary purification rituals.
  5. Latest. May need more work on the face - difference in the definition between the laptop and the desktop. As this one is a Loskalmi light infantry, decided to go with a quilted corselet instead of lammelar.
  6. Latest. I hope that this is fairly faithful to Jan's original illustration.
  7. Thank you. I believe a mixture of lamellar vest and a pectoral is usable. To distinguish the Loskalmi from other Westerners I will probably go with winter gear for at least one. The Glorantha wiki, whilst useful, is sometimes unreliable, so I tend to use the Guide and its illustrations as primary sources. May attempt to start inking one this afternoon...
  8. Well, here's what I was working from.... Looked to be a pectoral over a quilted (leather?) cuirass, over a wool or felt tunic, with small vambraces, and leggings. Couldn't see the shoulders. Couldn't make out the shoulders, but perhaps there are shoulder protectors? Perhaps the cuirass is lamellar with a pectoral? Can't resolve it any further by adjusting contrast or brightness. [Curiously, I was using some Angus McBride illustrations of Tang dynasty soldiers as reference.]
  9. Or Kargzant means sun, so Kargzant is sun and Yu-Kargzant is Sun God?
  10. Decided that preparing for the next sketches might be more productive than launching directly to inking a 'finished' piece. The only armored Loskalmi reference I can find are small background figures in one of Jan's paintings. Hmm, the tower shield needs to be taller and the round shield smaller.
  11. I may be wrong, but the Yu- prefix means 'god', so Yu-elm means Sun God.
  12. Attempted drawing yesterday with the result below. For about the third time I cheated with the face, lifting it from a photograph as the nose and eyes I drew defied any attempt at correcting them digitally.. Afraid that when the arthritis flares I seem to lose co-ordination and can't control the pens as well as I would like. Have three more roughed out, but in two minds about attempting another.
  13. I suspect it depends upon whether the balance of the cosmos is threatened. There are heroes, and for want of a better word, super-heroes, so I suspect it depends on power and the size of the region affected, so both Delecti and Cragspider are fairly local, but Arkat and Nysalor, the Red Emperor and Sheng, Jar-eel and Argrath all have continent wide effects. Pavis was attempting to recreate the Green Age.
  14. M Helsdon


    All non-canonical supposition, mainly material from the Guide glued together with speculation, two subsections taken from the sequel to The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass. It is probably not correct. Talor the Laughing Warrior The Hero Talor[1] was born in Akem, and rose to be its greatest military commander, fighting not only the external forces allied to the Bright Empire but also internal enemies seduced and corrupted by the promises of the New God. Talor[2] is also claimed by some to be a son of Arkat. Defending his native land of Akem in Fronela, Talor suppressed the
  15. Heroes in myth are often agents of change, intentionally or inadvertently ultimately bringing death and destruction to those around them and often to themselves. Hercules, Jason, Beowulf, Arthur... the list goes on. Very few leave their world more stable. Gilgamesh might be an example. The same is true in Glorantha, where one person's hero is another's antihero. Even Snodal's heritage of a perfected society is ultimately doomed.
  16. The Castle Coast is probably the most useful remnant of the MSE and seems to maintain much of its society and structure, in that it includes a version of Hrestolism (including Joy), and a meritocracy in that able individuals can rise in class/caste, though the old powerful noble houses stay powerful. One problem is that there are many versions of Hrestolism, and they differ in their interpretation and implementation of social and religious matters. The other complication is that the attitudes of the MSE developed and changed over time. The MSE version of Hrestolism is distinct from b
  17. One constant in every Age since Time began is that anything that seriously alters the state of the Gloranthan cosmos ultimately summons its own destruction. The birth of a new manufactured god, the attempt to create a new manufactured dragon, the exploitation of the cosmos, the creation of a perfect society, the rebirth of a moon, all lead to their equal and opposite and massive destruction. Nysalor's Bright Empire led to a war across a continent; the EWF tried to utilize draconic powers and the dragons returned to eat it; the Middle Sea Empire rose to great heights until the laws of
  18. Safelstran militia are certainly mediocre; Safelstran mercenary armies are likely to be very diverse, with the best highly professional. (Sir Ethilrist and his White Horse Troop began as Safelstran mercenaries, and went north because of setbacks). Regarding logistics - the caravan route from Drom to the Manirian Road will require a network of depots to keep the trade caravans fed and watered, mostly probably too small to appear on the larger scale maps, and the network might be used for military campaigns, but probably won't be, as for at least part of the route the Pralori are probably p
  19. Whilst it is not RuneQuest based, The Coming Storm may be of interest because internal clan politics and the roles of men and women are important to the plot of some of the scenarios in The Eleven Lights.
  20. I assumed that Greg had the idea from Korean Turtle Galleys, but didn't copy the design. The oars are a back-up system as it is usually propelled by an Elemental, and if stranded by low tide can extend short stumpy legs and walk... In addition to a ram, it has a fire projector. A Zistorite invention. This doodle concludes the ships I have roughed out.
  21. I have been attempting to draw ships of the Gloranthan West (Page 44): The merchant ships are in your link are fine for Glorantha.
  22. Latest. As with the other ships this is a little stylised, as perspective would have meant the oars would have terminated at the same level. Last week as the flareup started I roughed out these ships so that I could continue drawing, and this is almost the last one roughed out. I could do a Safelstran Fortress barge, but it isn't very interesting, visually. Will have to see if I can rough out some more tonight...
  23. That's what you are doing to me. I have been phrasing my speculations as 'suggestive', 'might', and then you jump on my head claiming I have said things I have not. I appreciate that I am speculating, and not adhering to dogma. Please don't project your behavior onto me. Myth and history occupy a grey area, in this world and Glorantha. No I am not. Some Safelstrans have Enerali ancestors. I know. I have said as much. But as noted, the Galanini clans of eastern Safelster still believe their chiefs can turn into horses. This suggests to me the survival
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