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  1. These koalas were rescued at a place called...and I'm not making this up...Cudlee Creek.
  2. The Fox News website's Australia page certainly does mention the fires. It mentions little else. But the main World page is indeed showing nada. Rupert Murdoch has a suitably swish property at Cavan, about 15km NW of Canberra, on the edge of forest. I think his daughter lives there. Its not in any immediate danger from local blazes, but that can easily change. If that estate goes up, the story might get better coverage on Fox.
  3. It is. But not without good reason. Now the race is on. Will GaGoG be out before the fires?
  4. Well, when it comes to getting political milage from these fires, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison sets the benchmark. https://mobile.twitter.com/ScottMorrisonMP/status/1213330419044638722?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.abc.net.au%2Fnews%2F2020-01-04%2Faustralia-defence-reservists-to-help-in-bushfire-recovery%2F11840764 Sorry, not sure if this is linkingšŸ¤”
  5. SBS TV in Australia shows numerous overseas news broadcasts. This morning Ive seen the Australian Prime Minister heckled by fire victims on the BBC, American ABC, France 24, and in Italian on TG 1. Also there was a lethal airstrike in Iraq, and Harry Kane is injured again (seperate incidents). As Ian Absentia sugests, I guess its where you look.
  6. Fires are certainly common enough during the Australian summer, which runs roughly from December to mid March. The issue this year is that such huge fires are ocurring in December, easily to coolest (well, least incredibly hot) of the summer months. And some of these fires have ben in areas that don't usually have fires. In Decmber 2019 many towns experienced their hottest recorded days ever. The worst may be yet to come. The political response at state level has been good. At federal level it was quite blase, until loss of life and property effectively forced the governments hand to do something. Anything. Climate-change denial is a prominant feature of the current government, but not amongst the public. Most regional (as opposed to metropolitan) fire fighters here are trained volunteers, not professionals, and several have been killed defending life and property, unpaid, and away from their families at Christmas and New Year. This too has been a major news item here.
  7. Page 35 "Performance". Should this read "Play Instrument", "Sing", or both?
  8. After what he did to "The Wicker Man", I'd have to agree. But l too saw the trailer today, and it looks ok.
  9. Chad Bowser was working on it. He's on these boards, I believe. I've not seen anything that states it's been officially canned, postponed, in progress, or whatever. That is not dead which can eternal lie...
  10. When I saw this.. ...I was immediately reminded of this... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-18/china-pla-military-still-need-the-humble-yak/11405070
  11. Relax. It wasn't even ten bucks. I pissed away a lot more than that on the Shadowlands kickstarter.
  12. Just bought the MW pdf on sale, entirely in anticipation of this product. Looking forward to seeing the finished article.
  13. Although technically a different game, there's Delta Green, of course.
  14. "Fear's Sharp Little Needles" too, plus "Occam's Razor" on the way. All by Stygian Fox.
  15. My Granda used to summon his cows by singing. YouTube is full of footage of people attracting cows with song or music. Yanioth has sing at 70%.
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