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  1. The World of Xoth has had releases using D20, Legend, Pathfinder, and 5e. I'd love to see the entire line re-done and unified under a single ruleset, namely RQ, and with colour art and Chaosium production values.
  2. Not a singer, but certainly Liverpool... https://www.lfchistory.net/Players/Player/Profile/334 ...David Johnson. The singer that the OP picture most resembles is Lemmy from Motorhead, although he's not a Scouser. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemmy
  3. About 18 months ago a video game was announced, but there has been bugger all about it since. The devs, Black Shamrock, website is just as tight lipped.
  4. Overnight my DTRPG library was updated. I now have two versions of Mythic Britain. One the orignal RQ6, and a new Mythras version. That Mythras file is named 2020-07-25. I searched the Mythras version for "runequest", and the only place the word appears is on the back cover. So, new, fully Mythras-ised, and free. 👍
  5. The RQ6 corebook file in my DTRPG library is still RQ6. The file was last updated in 2013. The Mythras core book file was last updated in 2018. I understand the old RQ6 titles files can (and ultimately have to be) converted to Mythras versions, but the core book is a different matter I'm sure. And I for one would prefer to keep that version as it is, even if all my other RQ6 titles get Mythras-ised.
  6. DTRPG depicts Mythic Britain as having the Mythras logo on the cover, but my recent pdf download was still RQ6. Are the POD versions RQ6 or Mythras proper? What about hard copies from Aeon?
  7. Page 81 "There are published adventures for Toxandria available." What, and where?
  8. That's what I told the magistrate. He didn't agree.
  9. The Lyonesse pdf has "Locale" listed as a standard skill for several professions (Scholar, for example), but I could find no write-up for the skill in the Skills chapter, or anywhere else. Have I missed something?
  10. I asked the same thing a year ago. Might be of help.
  11. That is a terrible shame. I really like Aquelarre, but my Spanish is limited to a single first year unit at Uni, and a lost weekend in San Sebastian in 1989. 😐
  12. I already have core book on drivethrurpg, having backed kickstarter. Is the Chaosium version any different, and if so will the drivethrurpg versions be updated? Also, are there plans to further develop the line with scenarios and the like?
  13. Alea iacta est. A critical succes.
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