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  1. Sid Vicarious

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    Canberra is an odd place, a made-to-order capital in the middle of nowhere. Its basically a government town, and as such largely populated by public servants ; a borgeois bubble of rule-followers in splendid isolation. My son, 23 and a recent MA graduate, moved there for work this year from Melbourne, and describes it as "the dullest and most repressed place on Earth". The situation the OP has shared is VERY Canberra, although it could feasibly happen anywhere in Australia.
  2. Very keen to finally get my hands on this, but really I want the core book/ bestiary/GM screen pack/slipcase version. This is a thing, right? Do I get all four items piecemeal or will it come as a job lot?
  3. Sid Vicarious

    Mythras Publications & Links

    Obviously with more recent realeases (Waterlands, A&E) this list needs an update, but l was surprised to see that The Arakuline Tribute is missing too.
  4. Only just realised, Kryal Castle is near Ballarat. I'd been thinking Bunratty Castle in South Melbourne.
  5. Sid Vicarious

    Cthulhu Invictus

    Pdf only so far, and on the Golden Goblin Press site.
  6. Sid Vicarious

    Cthulhu Invictus

    Cthulhu Invictus for 7e was apparently released on pdf, with no fanfare whatsoever. Has anybody got it? What's it like?
  7. This is currently being kickstarted, of course, but is concurrent with Stygian Fox's KS for a new modern setting anthology. I would love to invest in both, but I have only enough disposable income right now for one. To paraphrase George Best, l spent alot of money on RPG kickstarters, and the rest l just squandered.
  8. Sid Vicarious

    Podcast mentioned Stormbringer negotiations with Chaosium

    This is disappointing, so it probably counts as bad news. But not catastrophically and irretrievably bad, which is....well, not good, but not not bad. And depending on the definition of news. Can't wait for some genuine good news on this.
  9. Sid Vicarious

    Podcast mentioned Stormbringer negotiations with Chaosium

    Any news now? It's been well over a month since there was last no news.
  10. Sid Vicarious

    What setting licence should Mythras get

    I do like this monthly scenario idea. Buying these is just the incentive l need to keep going to work each weekday. Is there any likelihood of a Scourged Earth setting book, or a setting/campaign book like The Spider God's Bride? Come to think of it, TSGB setting of Xoth would be great for Mythras.
  11. Sid Vicarious

    What setting licence should Mythras get

    I vaguely recall Loz mentioning possibly developing Scourged Earth. Is that still a thing?
  12. It sure is. It's interesting to see Chaosium licence out an entire setting. Might we expect the same with Dark Ages and Gaslight?
  13. Sid Vicarious

    7th ed. Cthulhu Invictus?

    Has there been any offical indication as to what is in the pipeline for 7e? On the Design Mechanism boards recently, Loz only had to be asked before outlining the next 2 to 3 year's releases. It would be great if that happened here. I'm certainly curious about the future of Invictus, and also Dark Ages, and would hate to see these lines shelved. If Chaosium doesn't wish to support these lines, might they be farmed out to licencees?
  14. Sid Vicarious

    Convicts and Cthulhu - a new sourcebook

    I must concede that I have only glanced at the pdf of Convicts & Cthulhu on a tablet, and had not noticed anything about upcoming publications. I like the sound of them, from what you've said, and I suspect I will probably buy them.