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  1. That's what I told the magistrate. He didn't agree.
  2. The Lyonesse pdf has "Locale" listed as a standard skill for several professions (Scholar, for example), but I could find no write-up for the skill in the Skills chapter, or anywhere else. Have I missed something?
  3. I asked the same thing a year ago. Might be of help.
  4. That is a terrible shame. I really like Aquelarre, but my Spanish is limited to a single first year unit at Uni, and a lost weekend in San Sebastian in 1989. 😐
  5. I already have core book on drivethrurpg, having backed kickstarter. Is the Chaosium version any different, and if so will the drivethrurpg versions be updated? Also, are there plans to further develop the line with scenarios and the like?
  6. Alea iacta est. A critical succes.
  7. Great work, and very helpful. With 3 offical scenario products now published for RQG, what is the concensus regarding the chronology of the adventures in terms of running them all as a campaign? This excellent map certainly shows locations. Some scenarios have specific dates (The Smoking Ruin and The Pegasus Plateau scenarios occur within days of each other), but others do not. Taking difficulty into consideration, I wonder if the first scenario published, Defending Apple Lane, should be run third, after Cattle Raid and The Grey Crane. Then what? Not to mention the one-adventure-per-season idea.
  8. Page 113 Second paragraph typo "stvrange" lights.
  9. These koalas were rescued at a place called...and I'm not making this up...Cudlee Creek.
  10. The Fox News website's Australia page certainly does mention the fires. It mentions little else. But the main World page is indeed showing nada. Rupert Murdoch has a suitably swish property at Cavan, about 15km NW of Canberra, on the edge of forest. I think his daughter lives there. Its not in any immediate danger from local blazes, but that can easily change. If that estate goes up, the story might get better coverage on Fox.
  11. It is. But not without good reason. Now the race is on. Will GaGoG be out before the fires?
  12. Well, when it comes to getting political milage from these fires, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison sets the benchmark. https://mobile.twitter.com/ScottMorrisonMP/status/1213330419044638722?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.abc.net.au%2Fnews%2F2020-01-04%2Faustralia-defence-reservists-to-help-in-bushfire-recovery%2F11840764 Sorry, not sure if this is linking🤔
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