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  3. For years, and spanning multiple RPGs (not just CoC), our group has a tradition of facing off against Old Scratch/Devil/Satan for our Halloween one-shots. Is anyone aware of a CoC scenario that involves Old Scratch, itself? I am willing to do the work to convert older, larger/longer scenarios to fit a one-shot I want to run on Halloween night. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
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  5. MoN - Firearm import visa

    Thank you for the helpful responses! I have been fortunate enough to have recently purchased a gently used copy of the latest HotOE that was funded with the 7th ed. KS. I will browse that resource this afternoon. If all else fails, I will reference the 1920 Firearms Act and the need for the Investigators to attempt to obtain references from NYPD before setting sail for the UK. I wonder if having a disgraced member of the NYPD in the group of Investigators will be a boon or hindrance in this case? ;-)
  6. MoN - Firearm import visa

    Does anyone have any historical links that describe the firearm import visas required by the UK in 1925? My group of Investigators are nearly done in NYC and have elected to continue on to London next. I'm aware the UK had strict firearm import laws in 1925, and I'm looking for details on the required import visa (cost, time to obtain, etc). Barring any such info, I'll very likely wing it. Thanks!
  7. 7th edition rules for Masks of Nyarlathotep

    I am currently running a weekly MoN campaign with 7e (via Roll20). As @Mankcam stated above, keeping the threat at the 'human level' has been the key to our success thus far. The Investigators are still in NYC and have only had 'glimpses' of the underlying Mythos. In fact, we have not yet had one combat, however, I believe that will be rectified with tonight's session (potentially revisiting the Ju-Ju House for a closer inspection). If I were to start a MoN campaign now, I'd allow the PCs to decide if they wanted Investigative Horror (core CoC 7e) or Adventure Horror (Pulp Cthulhu with core). I can see where MoN fits either style quite nicely. Finally, regarding MoN conversion, I have found there to zero issues running MoN with 7e rules. Anything in MoN that doesn't seem to fit with 7e is simply adjudicated during my session prep or on-the-fly. The Investigators are none the wiser. Lastly, a bit of Keeper prep to plan out Chases is recommended. It is worth your effort when the Investigators are knee-deep in the muck and quick wits are at a premium.
  8. GMs for Chaosium Events in 2017

    Todd, I've sent an email to you regarding these events and a couple of others I'd like to run CoC at this summer/fall. Thanks.
  9. I'm looking for advice from experienced Keepers & Investigators. Our group has been playing for a couple of months now via a weekly Roll20 game and I've found that I've fallen into a pattern of asking for numerous Psychology / Spot Hidden rolls throughout the session. Typically these rolls are made to allow the Investigator the opportunity to sense the NPC's attitude/demeanor, or in the case of Spot Hidden, find a clue, or perceive some feature of the environment around them. I'm struggling with how to take the Players described actions for their Investigators and quickly come up with a reasonable explanation of how they can use another skill for the requested roll. It is becoming tiresome to ask for Psychology/Spot Hidden every time they meet someone or I want to see if their Investigator has observed some minor nuance in the environment that could be a clue. Any advice you'd care to share would be appreciated.
  10. CoC Ambience - Music / Soundtrack Suggestions?

    And here is my more broadly scoped Spotify playlist, Dark Ambient. As I find tracks I like in this playlist, I add them to the CoC playlist I shared above.
  11. CoC Ambience - Music / Soundtrack Suggestions?

    For me, the definitive CoC ambient (aka, sans vocals/lyrics) music comes from Lustmord. His track 'Black Star' epitomizes the sense of foreboding dread and hopelessness I want the Investigators to feel as they begin to pull back the cover on reality and get a glimpse of the mythos beyond! I've begun to cultivate a Spotify playlist of CoC gameplay music for my sessions. Here is a link if you want to check it out (including the aforementioned 'Black Star'):
  12. Chases - Hazards

    Can anyone recommend a Keeper resource that would have a set of tables for random hazards that could be used during a chase? I know there are sample hazards on page 136 of the Keeper Rulebook, but I am looking for a more comprehensive set of tables. I imagine I could start said tables here and ask others to contribute entries for both Car Chases and Foot Chases. Thanks!
  13. I wanted to provide a closing bookend on this topic. I have since received notification that the books were shipped and I speculate that they will arrive next week at the latest. Based on this update, I've decided to delay the start of my MoN campaign (first time running it) by at least a week and instead will begin our campaign running the "God of Mitnal" prelude found in the MoN Companion. And because I was critical of Chaosium in my original post, I want to share that they subsequently stepped up by offering a (via email) coupon to pre-order supporters. I used this coupon to purchase a hardcopy(+ PDF) of the "Field Guide toLovecraftian Horrors". Well-played Chaosium. Thank you for continuing to support your fans! Now, about the hardcopy of "Pulp Cthulhu"... :-)
  14. ..I would not have pre-ordered the books in May. Seriously frustrating to see pics and posts of printed copies in FLGS while I still wait for my copies to arrive. This seems to be negligent and dismissive on Chaosium's part towards those that participated in the pre-order. All the love I've felt thus far for 7e is eroding due to their mishandling of this situation. Are there other pre-order patrons still awaiting their books to arrive?