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    Hi MOB,

    FYI I just visited the website and I observed that there might be an error in how the right hand products lines are set up. The listing for Call of Cthulhu products is hidden in the Fiction line.

    I thought this might be important

    simon yee

    1. MOB


      Thanks for drawing that to our attention - we'll look into it now!

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  5. I think monograph Fractured Hopes was suppose to be a stab at it but was made into a monograph instead. You might want to take a look at it...void ships and all.
  6. Just saw this on the Chaosium blog. I did not enter but thought some of you might have. Congrats! Man that is a long wait. http://www.chaosium.com/blog/
  7. No unfortunatey I have not read the Pirates and Dragons rpg. Only Blood Tide. BTW I forgot to mention the morale check in my example as well...that will save the day. I figure go with what ever makes the play the most seamless. I should probably get more books
  8. http://www.chaosium.com/tales-from-dead-men-pdf/ I wrote this scenario to support the suppliment. It is in PDF form. Hope you guys like it. BTW There is possibly one error on the 'Captain O' pre-gen. Should have a command skill of 80%. Some of the art that is contained in the scenario can be checked out on the artists face book page https://www.facebook.com/#!/markhelwigart. Cheers
  9. Well I hope my example wasn't totally off the mark or was violating something in Astounding Adventures.
  10. Actually no. Is this similar or different?
  11. At first start with one wound for rabble it will make things quicker and easier to work with at first till you get use to the combat format. The information about the rabble is in the spot rules section and makes more sense...to me. The whole ship to ship battle concept with the boarding fight really fun for me and what makes this suppliment stand out from others. It might seem crunchy at first but it simulates what I want in a pirate fight. BTW what I wrote above is my interpretation of what I read.
  12. Ok on second thought here is an example: First check out the section on Rabble. Ok going off what I had explained in the previous post. Red Ship gets within 10 yards of Blue Ship. The part of Red Ship that is closest to the Blue Ship is section A (midhull gun deck) and the closest to that section on the Blue ship is section B (Aft Hull). The are twelve rabble and one PC in Section A and 15 rabble on section B. The men on section A win the opposing roll for seamanship and begin boarding section B. Working with the spot rules. I would give the PC the first attack as he is boarding. Then I would do the rabble. The PC is normal in all aspects of fighting. Rabble on both sides can only take one wound before being taken out of commision. Generalize one weapon that each section is using to make it easier on yourself. Roll once for each section and if they hit then roll damage as normally and that is what is done to the rabble on the opposing section. So it should look like this: PC immediately jumps into the rabble in section B followed by section A PC goes first and rolls a hit. He immediately takes out one rabble. *simultaneous combat* Section A rolls a miss and does nothing Section B rolls a hit and does 5 points...I make it so the player running section A decides how that damage is distributed because one hit point of damage in this case will equal one wound to the section A rabble. The player controlling section A decides 4 rabble take a wound and are put out of commission and the PC takes 1 point of damage. next round PC swings a hit and kills another rabble *simultabeous combat* Section A rolls a hit and does 8 points. Section B lose 8 rabble. Section B rolls a miss .....this goes on and pretty much section B is wiped out and section A moves to another section of the ship to create havok. Rabble do not parry or dodge and pretty much only have one action.
  13. Yea the ship battle reminds me of playing battle tech in that various locations that get hit can have various effects to the over all performance and to the crew. My understanding of the how the crews can battle each other is when the ships get within 10 yards of each other the sections in range contest seamanship skill in opposed rolls (see the grappling section). The side that wins can send over crew to start melee fighting (boarding)...which has different time constraints than ship versus ship fighting. So usually a melee fight round is one minute and ship fight round is every 5 minutes. hope this helps. Probably not the example you were looking for
  14. I think the book is coming out in time for Gen Con and there is a scenario for it called 'Tales from Dead Men'. Not sure if that is coming out at same time or later. Chaosium on FB showed a book mark for the scenario.
  15. I second that motion. Another way my group takes care of this issue is have players not participating in the scene either play the NPC(s) with some general guidelines (Such as "he doesn't really like people on his property or asking about x and will discourage in the most aggressive manner anybody that does not respect his perspective...if players ask for a reason defer to you) or have them be the ones looking up the stats/rules.
  16. Not this time. I barely got one in for the CoC contest. my plate has been a bit busy
  17. You got that right. sent. Thanks.
  18. I just got my rejection letter today:_(
  19. Thank you! Maybe next time Seneschal
  20. I sent mine in. Wish me luck
  21. Hi Fiasco I think you got your posts switched with the allegiance thread...just an observation I did not enter this years BRP contest because I used the limited time to do the CoC Halloween contest. That contest has already got a response and I was told it will be out in October. I wish you guys get a response soon and I hope neither contest takes as long a the Cthulhu Invictus contest to see day light
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