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  1. Hi Kross, I'm in the US and would love to follow up on this, if you don't mind sharing the info with me. Only if it doesn't work out with Mr Emsley, of course. I wouldn't want to interfere with him.
  2. If you're saying what I hope you're saying ... hooolyyy shiiiiiii--
  3. Everything in the above post makes me happy. Especially the information that Beyond the Mountains of Madness is in the queue.
  4. I suspect this sort of thing varies so much from group to group that trying to quantify it with a rating would be quite difficult. As an example, I recently ran "None More Black" from Doors to Darkness for my group, believing it would take about two four-hour sessions. But my players like to get into their characters, they plot and scheme, they talk to everyone and chase down every possible lead (sometimes down dead-ends, which led to more NPCs created on the fly, which led to more character interaction, etc etc) ... it took us six sessions, and it could easily have gone another. I'm not knock
  5. I'm so happy to see this! An immediate purchase. I love that it's only volume one. Can you tell us yet whether this will be a two-volume series, or three, as davewire speculates?
  6. I realize it's probably far too early to be asking this question, but are there plans to expand a little beyond Anglo-Saxon England, sometime down the road?
  7. Not playing yet -- moving into the end stages of HotOE -- but I have the book and am looking forward to it. And I have to say, I love all three of these ideas. Alphonso T. Hazard: what a great name!
  8. I didn't know about "Brotherhood of the Tapestry." It's good to know there's more material coming out somewhere!
  9. I just saw on boardgamegeeks that the 7th edition version of Cthulhu Dark Ages is likely cancelled. Does anyone know if this is true?
  10. I plan to run the new edition of MASKS when it comes out. I also planned to introduce Jackson Elias as a friendly NPC in current games, so that his death carries some weight once we get rolling on the big one. I know there's a Peru chapter in the new edition, which will feature Elias interacting with the investigators. Does anyone know yet whether or not this chapter is meant to introduce Elias to the players for the first time, or if it still presumes an established relationship with them? If the former, I'll hold off on introducing him on my own ...
  11. I'm curious about this too. Cthulhu Dark Ages was one of my favorite settings.
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