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  1. I live in Uk and ordered mine the 20th and the status still awaiting shipment , perhaps they are so busy in the warehouse, can’t wait till it be in my hands
  2. Humakt

    what are the possible Humakt foe species?

    Also it is possible get the rune spell strike from eurmal trough issaries with trade spell to ignore his armour so may be with luck his head gone completely?
  3. Humakt

    Do you use figures in RQ Poll

    A friend and Gm painted that figure in 28mm, is my iniciate if Humakt.
  4. Humakt

    The Open Seas ritual was a success...

    Now is in UK How long is gonna be to be available to buy the book? And also is as well the sourcebook?
  5. Humakt

    Bow prices

    My work is related with trees, so I’m curious about that price on yew, a mature timber of yew is rare to have so to make bow may be is not very old ones? From branches? Or it must have any special characteristics or part of the tree?
  6. Humakt

    RuneQuest Dice from Q-Workshop

    In q workshop website that set is not anymore available, I order my a week ago and it don’t arrived yet, I order both the normal set and the hit location one and a few days after to make the order they took it off from the website, so I don’t know, I presume they are working to fix the mistake
  7. Humakt

    That Charming Sword...

    That make wonder, we need gods of Glorantha soon!
  8. On page 97 in the Dancers of darkness description say an explication of how affect and them are vampires or is something different?
  9. Humakt

    Gloranthan Treasure from Gen Con

    I want too
  10. Humakt

    RuneQuest Dice from Q-Workshop

    True, thanks
  11. Humakt

    RuneQuest Dice from Q-Workshop

    So is any roughly date when the RQ dices be on sale?
  12. Humakt

    RQG print copy?

    At least we hope it don’t cross with any pirate ship and arrive well 😉
  13. Humakt

    Holy Troll Nightmare!

    Yes, better be careful and take really care of that sword, use another one to hit a gorp for example, also make me think if eurmal spell crack can broken or not a sword blessed by Humakt?