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  1. Humakt

    Pavis in 1626

    Can’t wait to see those books out
  2. Hi, I gonna start a campaign from the Colymar tribe and one player want to play a duck, so anyone can point me in the right direction to find some info about ducks like clans and other info that I can use to create a good background, he wants a Humakti duck. I think the Lismelder have good relationships with ducks. Any help would be much appreciate.thanks
  3. May be some Issaries priest with good trade relationships with trolls shows up?
  4. I’m so sorry your loss
  5. Happy days, would be nice to see a full description of Nochet
  6. Amazing!!! When we can buy it? 😜
  7. I tried and is not easy to me, I’ll keep learning how works
  8. But you should touch it wich is not a good idea
  9. Here is our honouring to Greg yesterday, playing Runequest.(online game) maikel: GM Edu:Humakt initiated Golfo: issaries initiated Pucha: Lankhor Mhy initiated Toni: Yinkin initiated
  10. I haven’t CoC is any change to have this rules?
  11. Thanks for your advices!! I like the idea after the dragon rise go to notify they can return, I have in my mind a quest to avoid caos trying to resurrect wakboth so may be there can be a clue to go after dorastor to prax and big rubble, to many things . Ill see how it’s works
  12. I’m about to start dorastor campaign but after do in first place the modules are on the gamemaster pack. I would like to have any advise about how carrying that because the dates and also I see could be so deadly. also is any info about the pieces of the broken sword and the crown of insight? Im not an expert GM I did a few bits time ago and I appreciate any advise you can give me. Tia
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