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  1. I haven’t CoC is any change to have this rules?
  2. Thanks for your advices!! I like the idea after the dragon rise go to notify they can return, I have in my mind a quest to avoid caos trying to resurrect wakboth so may be there can be a clue to go after dorastor to prax and big rubble, to many things . Ill see how it’s works
  3. I’m about to start dorastor campaign but after do in first place the modules are on the gamemaster pack. I would like to have any advise about how carrying that because the dates and also I see could be so deadly. also is any info about the pieces of the broken sword and the crown of insight? Im not an expert GM I did a few bits time ago and I appreciate any advise you can give me. Tia
  4. May be is a silly question but what happens if your allied spirit loose all the mp?
  5. Gods and goddesses and the gamemaster book would be ideal
  6. Thanks, I got the first print and I just thinking to buy the 2nd will see if the “maths” allow me
  7. If I want to buy the full slipcase, the discounts from buy the bestiary and Gamemaster pack PDF still working isn’t?
  8. Is gonna be subcults as well?
  9. True, sorry have a look in the post by MOB as Sumath said
  10. https://basicroleplaying.org/forum/9-runequest/ Is on its way
  11. Hope those ships got Magasta blessings!!
  12. So with trance of swords on if a character launch a shield over him that would be increasing the difficult for a foe to dispell it?
  13. I’m wondering if is trough cross mark for use it the only way to grow that passion or any of you use other way.
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