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  1. May be is a silly question but what happens if your allied spirit loose all the mp?
  2. Gods and goddesses and the gamemaster book would be ideal
  3. Thanks, I got the first print and I just thinking to buy the 2nd will see if the “maths” allow me
  4. If I want to buy the full slipcase, the discounts from buy the bestiary and Gamemaster pack PDF still working isn’t?
  5. Is gonna be subcults as well?
  6. True, sorry have a look in the post by MOB as Sumath said
  7. https://basicroleplaying.org/forum/9-runequest/ Is on its way
  8. Hope those ships got Magasta blessings!!
  9. So with trance of swords on if a character launch a shield over him that would be increasing the difficult for a foe to dispell it?
  10. I’m wondering if is trough cross mark for use it the only way to grow that passion or any of you use other way.
  11. Thank you, I looked in the guide , I really love that book
  12. I’m so curious about that place and I don’t find any info of that place, any one can point me in a right way to know something about that, thanks in advance
  13. No but when I got some time I could do it and post it here if you want
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