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    Once upon a time I was a little girl and found a 'monster manual' at a friends house. The gnoll was the coolest thing I had ever seen. And I wanted to be one. Also my friend colored the 'purple worm' yellow.
    I've loved RPGs since, though the turning point in my adoration was accidental purchase of the Avalon Hill RQ deluxe box,. I was buying board games for cheap to steal their boards for rough alpha tests for board game design.
    Turns out that 2 dollar 'board game' mixed with 4 or five defunct Snakes and Ladders boards was my favorite RPG.
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    RuneQuest, Pathfinder, WHFRP, Shadowrun and possibly Ironclaw if that game ever starts.
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    Kitsap County, WA.
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    I'm too old.

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  1. This, entirely. I love the Bronze Age ascetic, but honestly the kind of aggressive 'THIS IS NOT LIKE BRONZE AGE VIKINGS' or 'THIS IS NOT LIKE BRONZE AGE ROMANS' in RQG majorly turned off my players who, at least one of, didn't feel much like using the book at all because of it. However, my group was honestly a really difficult sell. I don't think I succeeded. One player was turned off by the art they loved from KoDP not continuing, and ended up a trying-to-be-civilized broo, one player just wanted to play a feline Hschuchen 'wandering assassin with no family.' and wanted the concept very, very badly and nothing else really made them want to play. One player was uncertain what they wanted, but was extremely into Monster Hunter at the time and wanted to just hunt mythical beasts, was disappointed at the lack of 'diversity' in the artwork, kinda wondered where the black people were, ended up as a Sable Rider far from home (in southern Peloria) and the last was a very Roman-Goth Tarshite who had no real complaints or problems beyond annoyance at the anti-Dog propaganda in Glorantha, we lacked any real community aspect, though we were theoretically supposed to be doing Lunar missionary work. The game fell apart due to unfortunately out of game issues. But honestly I feel we were having difficulty from the get go, been wanting to give it another go but other games took up our time. I'm still not sure how to sell the setting, as it was only really sold to the players who already knew KoDP.
  2. The wiki really hurts to look through. Like, I know its fandom made. But compare it to Wookiepedia or the Forgotten Realms wiki or one of the WH40k wikis. Its tough to sell to a lot of new folks who are like, "Ok, my GM wants to play a game in this really old cool setting" and then they look to the wiki and leave confused or wonder why its so barren. I.E. My friend wanted to be a nomad, and ended up as a Praxian. He looked up Prax on the Glorantha wiki. Climate? Nope. What the people are like? Well they herd animals and worship spirits and raid an oasis. But thats all pretty vague. Geography? Nope. Just a list of places of interest that are all hotlinks. It doesn't even mention the Praxian tribes. If we compared it to say, The Hordelands of Forgotten Realms (A rather 'off to the side' region far from any real focus in FR) the wiki page is far larger, carefully crosslinked in a rational fashion, and even has a ~map~ (from the one time a map was made of the place, so its a terrible map) I don't know if the Glorantha wiki has serious controls on what it can post or something, but I've had half a mind to investigate it and see if I can at least update what's there.
  3. I think you guys overthink this. If something says, "You gain battleaxe' and there's two things in battleaxe, the simple solution is, "Well it does not specify which, therefore I gain both of them." If something says Javelin, and there's a thrown and one handed javelin. YOU GAIN BOTH OF THEM. If not specified you gain both. If your GM has a problem with that, ask them which one they want you to get.
  4. Yeah holy crap, I've seen more people throw good books aside due to their art, and pick up bad books specifically for their art. Most notably, I've seen people stare in awe over Dark Sun books in used book stores because of how frickin amazing Brom's art is, similarly I've known Dark Heresy and Time of War be bought purely for artwork. Hell, my local gamestore was giving away Cyberpunk v3.0 for free because literally no one would buy it, usually citing how ugly it was. 14 years after they purchased their sample copies that had become so worn with people flipping through it, that they resembled the 'playable' copies of the game they kept on the non purchase shelf. (for in house games) Also just, Mouseguard. Mouseguard is so far gone into presentation it is hard to reference as rules and you'd be hard pressed to find a gamer who doesn't think its a masterpiece. I think the only games that don't need presentation are: GURPS and Traveler. GURPS has its reputation and is either a love it or hate it sort of situation. While Traveler is going to appeal to people who are going to want to play traveler, and not appeal to people who won't like to play Traveler. Playing a middle-aged retired spaceguy in a hard sci fi setting doing hard sci fi stuff isn't the most widely appealing thing out there, but it really appeals to its core.
  5. Some cults in the past have embraced that to become truly Christian, involves becoming simply part of Christ. It involves becoming illuminated in the truth of the cosmos and heavens. Upon achieving that form of enlightenment, upon reaching that perfection, they do not have an afterlife in the traditional sense, for they follow Christ's journey and become one with him and God. In Glorantha, their afterlife would diffuse them from being contactable as their enlightenment would imply they were no longer individuals. Still others, say a certain monk in the 16th century, wrote erotic, obsessive poetry about Christ, and believed he would live in heaven as one of the 'infinite wives' of Christ, reborn a woman and living in eternal ecstasy, a dutiful servant and loving wife of Christ. But maintaining, if transforming theirself in the afterlife. In Glorantha, they would be contactable as their afterlife told them they would be an individual. Basically, becoming one with the red goddess=/=Individuality. Becoming a servant of the red goddess=individuality. Least that's my reading of it.
  6. TBH I forgot about MRQ. Which is pretty derpy cos its right next to me.
  7. Ok, ok, but has the world collapsed into an anarcho-capitalist hellscape of megacorporations strangling the proletariat, or has the revolution begun? On a serious note, I'm glad this didn't come out two weeks ago. I had a player who I barely got to talk out of playing an elf! This is ~super rad~. The birch tree made me reflexively hum Russian folk songs though.
  8. Madrona


    Honestly, lack of adventures has been kind of a problem. But it doesn't bother me. I tend to just mill through piles of random adventures, freebie adventures, or othersuch things, and then adapt them to whatever I'm playing. I've run CoC adventures so butchered to be unrecognizable for Dark Heresy. (Hey, a giant rusted metal insect like walking machine with a megacity on it is identical to a sleepy new England town if you squint long enough) I even ran the absurd 3rd edition D&D 'pizza golem' miniadventure as part of that. The players were none the wiser. Pick thematics out of something, and understand the systems well enough, adapt and adjust and reinterpret, and Hiro Protagonist and his Katana are just as viable Glorantha content as Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes. You got great set pieces. It focuses on the Spirit World, a floating city of oceanic nomads in interconnected rafts, an ancient and mysterious tower. Chaos-Speech, Malian diseases combined with Lunar illumination, you got hideous rat-monsters as minions, even a Dwarven superweapon named Reason.
  9. Sometimes I think folks take creators words too seriously or as too much dogma. Greg's interesting to listen to and created a fascinating setting that I admire deeply. But like, YGMV. And TBH, his G is probably pretty V from any of anyone else's Gs. If I was to suppose, it'd be that illuminated people who aren't superpowered in some way, are usually too one with the background noise to be individually contacted.
  10. Yeah but there was a lot of barking and hissing about disarm. Almost everything vaguely related to 'theme' or 'magic' is crazy expansive in RQG. Heck, I think this is the first edition of RuneQuest to have runes be a front and center thing and a seriously important mechanic. As for knockback and disengagement, most people were comparing it unfavorably to RQ3, which had those mechanics. (Knockback maybe, I think a lot of people like the large creatures doing knockback on hit from RQ3 but I heard little barking about it and honestly forgot about it) Also TBH I really don't know RQ2 too well, I don't own a hard copy and my limited reading was like reading a AD&D core rulebook. Very, very aged, regressive and mechanically less interesting than RQ3, which I had read extensively. For the most part, reading RQ2 and telling me its better is like someone handing me a AD&D 2e book and saying, "thAC0 is logical and sensible and not even slightly confusing! 3rd edition initiative is so much more confusing than AD&D initiative! Psionics in 3rd edition is less functional! Nonhumans need level caps!" So TBH I had to do digging to find out if some of these things were even in/weren't in RQ2, mostly based on people's incessant bickering across the internet since Usenet about which system is better.
  11. Page 373 of RQG. And it DID?! Man, before my time, but I never knew.
  12. I dunno if I speak just for me, but literally nothing is hyper than a bestiary (Except maybe a Broopak). I was literally introduced to RQ by being told it was an "RPG where you can play monsters" which while not accurate, made me kinda hype. Ya know what got me into RPGs? The AD&D monster manual and all its pretty pictures. First book I got for any RPG? 3rd edition D&D monster Manual. You know what the best thing about RPGs is? Monsters, really neat monsters that spark the imagination and make you try and draw scary pictures with crayons as a little kid. Most of you may be too old for that to have been part of your life, but it sure was part of mine.
  13. Here you go! Don't take it too seriously but this is about what I've determined. (Don't scream people please, its not meant to be 100% ultra serious on all statements, its mostly accurate for the ones that are system referential! Its everything notably different I've found)
  14. TBH I can't blame you. While I've seen a lot of disarm checks, I tend to play with people who like that kind of thing. I.E. One of my ex roommates I don't think has made an ordinary attack more than a half dozen times no matter the RPG. In Pathfinder he disarmed, Dirty Tricked and tripped, in Dark Heresy he Takedowned constantly, etc. In my current Mithras game I think every combat has involved a disarm attempt. Then again our accidental defacto partyleader is sort of an watery-eyed idealistic do-gooder. Even with that taken in mind, I've seen a lot of people long wonder if there's a point to disarm in 99% of scenarios, beyond maybe "oh jeeze that guy has a soul eating magical death sword that talks", most people are going to ignore disarm anyway.
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