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  1. Hellpits of Nightfang. There's a vampire killing folk. Time to gather your pitchforks, lanterns and garlic spirits.
  2. And this is how I will from this point onwards describe what the second age was like...
  3. Trickster stole the 8th...
  4. As for new works I'd like the Southern continent to get a campaign.
  5. I'd love to see the Rubble get a book before we start seeing other places, and then Prax and Sun County. Then that area is complete and need never be revisited.
  6. Thanks. A CoC boardgames? Take my money.
  7. Isn't that a horror rpg? I know nothing about it.
  8. So informed my player that he was taking part in Goldfang's fish fighting and this was his reply
  9. Griselda and her family are from Adari aren't they? Or is it Alone?
  10. My pcs came across a mobile chaos cactus recently!
  11. I love all the work you put into your Npcs
  12. I think when you kill a horse you leave it where it falls.
  13. Killer animated palm trees. I spent a fair bit of time in oasis in the Western desert. Same look.