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  1. The Underwater Grotto Restaurant: what's on the menu?

    It was a joke. You know hur hur. Sheesh this place can be such a pain sometimes. .;))
  2. Gloranthan Dance/Ritual

    What an awesome mash up.
  3. Basmoli

    Hunt from Ambush. Stalk prey and lead it into a trap. In my game the women are the hunters.
  4. Prince of Sartar. Comic

    Has this died?
  5. World War I, The Great War

    https://portraitofwar.com/favorite-images/ Stick Doughboy in Google and Poilu ww1 for their French equivalent.
  6. Mostali inventions/item ideas?

    Those masks are great.
  7. Mostali inventions/item ideas?

    I hope you have can openers for those cans. Tool box. Mechanical map: a box which folds out to show all the various levels of the city. Mindlink communicators. Spirit filled lighters. Scooters for those long tunnels. Foot powered, not Vespas. Mostali spare parts. Goggles.
  8. [RQ3] How does a Shaman travel in the mundane world?

    And here we have Strangers Things Upside down...
  9. Alone Against the Dark - Error Thread

    MOB can you let us know when this has been fixed as I will hold off buying a copy until then.
  10. I dont really see the point of these type of threads as we all know it's pretty good Make a post in a D&D forum....
  11. A trio of HQG titles now available at DTRPG

    Unlike when they came out the first time I now have a chest filled with Lunars to buy them in Hardcover.
  12. Alone Against the Flames - Error Thread

    number 6: 16 doesn't have a link to press number 25: 3 doesn't have a link to press