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  1. quicktstart

    Humakti initiates wandering around armed with sever spirits just makes them the badasses they are meant to be.
  2. Here's the link to a pbp game I ran which started in the Monkey Ruins.
  3. Thanks.
  4. Maybe there's no such thing as a tan in Glorantha then...
  5. Orlanth is certainly rocking it.
  6. Derik was of course a hero of Donandar.
  7. Any news on this. Hoping to get it in time for my birthday in July.
  8. After what seems like years of Jeff saying Sartarites are olive/dark skinned. Why are all the new RQ heroes so pasty? Cool pic though. Is it just me who thinks they look like vikings
  9. After a heroquest in one of my games the Monkey ruins are now filled with Banana trees.
  10. A new CoC adventure set in 1922 Berlin. I need to know more, before I turn insane.... "Cabarets, conspiracies and unspeakable murders..."
  11. So there's one out there, about to be run by Jeff, which involves the Rainbow mounds, Tusk Riders, Dwarves, Dragonnewts and Dragons, set in 1625. Will this be released at the same ime as the new rules?
  12. Awesome. First pic that fits with my view of Glorantha 100%
  13. My character, Deep Derik, is a Lhankhor Mhy Sword Sage, which seems to mean that he steals stuff, raids dungeons, lies, makes bad prose and fails in all things romantic. Oh yeah he has a sword too.
  14. Duckwise i want no teeth and cigars. And looking like the Ducks Quackatoa draws.
  15. I do lots of Gloranthan lego. Keeps me out of trouble