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  1. Iskallor

    Law Rune as an Augment

    http://www.glorantha.com/forums/topic/grimoires-grimoires-grimoires/page/2/ http://www.glorantha.com/docs/lunar-grimoires/ http://www.glorantha.com/forums/topic/well-known-grimoires/ http://www.glorantha.com/forums/topic/purchasing-grimoires-in-chargen/
  2. Iskallor

    Law Rune as an Augment

    We had some good threads over on glorantha.com about the Law rune and grimoires, where David explained it all in detail.
  3. Is this a mix of folk who know nothing of Glorantha and those that know everything (Jeff) or folk who know everything?
  4. Iskallor

    Barbarian town

    Lets bump this and perhaps someone will answer
  5. Iskallor

    Heroes to Superheroes

  6. Iskallor

    Heroes to Superheroes

    "To infinity and beyond..." Buzz Lightyear. Yelmalion superhero.
  7. Iskallor

    Heroes to Superheroes

    I thought all you needed was a cool cape.
  8. Iskallor

    Barbarian town

    It's covered in I think the new RQ GM book. There's a post on G+ about all the RQ news and it was mentioned, and I think here on the RQ forum too.
  9. Iskallor

    27 Tribes of Prax, I think.......

    My Lodril worshipping Pelorian peasants ride donkeys and there are now a fair few in the Zola Fel valley, which have of course led to some escaping and being ridden by Duck Bandits. The donkeys have straw hats of course. There is a Donkey hero from the Far place called Aasi who is said to have fathered all Donkeys found in that area. YGMV. He had a giant killing kick.
  10. Iskallor

    New HQ products?

    But this will be in 1625+ yes? I hope you bring a Prax book out that covers the previous pre 1625 era as well. Same with the Big Rubble if that ever appears.
  11. Interiors/exteriors of many of the iconic places in Pavis and the Big Rubble and their inhabitants.
  12. Iskallor

    Barbarian town

    So I've heard on the grapevine that we'll be learning all about it, a post apocalyptic western mash up set in 1625. Will we get any info for those of us who don't play in that time but earlier?
  13. Iskallor

    New to Glorantha

    Play by forum/post games are an easy way to find other folks to play, they pop up on rpgnet.com, rpggeek.com and rpol.net every now and again.
  14. Iskallor

    27 Tribes of Prax, I think.......

    It is where i would put them. Lots of Boggles there.