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  1. Upcoming Glorantha publications

    Yeah I've been waiting to buy the softcover but no button to buy as mentioned.
  2. Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    Is that a form in the books?
  3. I'd like to see how Orlanth is depicted in art by his enemies. A powerful demon to be feared or a weakling, to be scorned and trodden underfoot?
  4. Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    I shall send you my CV... Joerg covered it.
  5. Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    What weapons can you carry openly in Pavis? In the original book it was just pole arms, bows and metal armour that were forbidden. But then it seems to be only weapon masters who can openly carry their weapon.
  6. Just some lovely figures for my game.

    There are figs in my Adari hence Fig lane and it's famous pawnshop...
  7. Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    Waha is an Orlanthi deity?
  8. Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    Thanks! So in New Pavis there is an Eirithan and Waha Temple. What is that going to look like? Nomads don't worship in temples and dislike buildings. I understand that locals go there to offer sacrifice and New Pavis is a city so therefore buildings. Is it like a tent or perhaps merely four stout walls open to the sky? Currently I have the corral filled with totems and holy herd beasts, painted and adorned with religious bits and bobs. "Dorasar’s founding pact agreed to a temple to these deities as well, even if such temples are foreign to Praxian traditional ways."
  9. Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    I will ask this again
  10. Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    I wonder if the serpents pulling Ronance's chariot are in fact the seasonal rivers bringing fertility to the land.
  11. Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    Are slaves bought and sold in New Pavis?
  12. Bronze Chainmail

    I like the lifting of the chainmail skirts and stabbing the unprotected belly. Critical hit!
  13. Bronze Chainmail

    I thought all the smithing in Glorantha involved magic of some sort.
  14. Bronze Chainmail

    I could swear i have seen the complete opposite of that posted in the past.
  15. Age App reduction

    I don't get the reduction of APP as you get older. Why is my age affecting my ability to be charming? Especially for people the same age. I'm 47 and certainly don't think other late 40 year olds look uglier than they did ten years ago. I certainly dress much snapper than I did in my twenties. Plus I think some folk get more beautiful or handsome with age. I kinda get it if I'm dealing with young folk, but really is the old lady in the shop going to judge me when I'm still twenty years younger than her? (I don't use this in my games, so i'm just interested in why its a thing in the first place. I get the reduction of Str, con and or Dex.)