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  1. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    We play every night at the moment My 5 year old and 7 year old love it and beat me regularly. My favourite bit? The oldest player going first.
  2. Esrolian Coins?

  3. Lunar Taboos

    Duck Slavery.
  4. How to teach Glorantha?

    Ah, i look back fondly on the time it was all about fighting folk and stealing their stuff. Simple times.
  5. Cost of Iron

    I wouldn't like to be that iron carrying Runelord captured by Trolls...
  6. Cost of Iron

    I always imagine pcs being stripped of their possessions when captured and ransomed without. Keeping specific gear would need extra negotiations. Booty of combat and all that. Depending on who has captured you then being a noble or Rune Level might mean you keep your gear as your enemy would like the same if in the same circumstance.
  7. Troll wind Lord.

    Thats a rule reason but id like to know why? Air rune instead of darkness for a start. It's all to cool for school and i'm bothered that I never thought about it before
  8. Troll wind Lord.

  9. Troll wind Lord.

    Just saw the great new 13th age picture. Wow a Troll Wind Lord! Why would a Troll follow Orlanth? I want to play one now.
  10. High Llama

    The camels of the Shadow Plateux are jet black and have on occasion been found wandering near the banks of the river (though more often when it is a pool) Styx for some unexplained mythical reason. YGMV...
  11. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    Cool. Still waiting for mine in Finland. Everyone else I know here got theirs at the end of last week/ start of this.
  12. Having the pre gen figs makes sense.
  13. How about the pregens!
  14. Any Yelmalian Poets out there?

    Google ancient Egyptian poems to Ra or the sun. Should give some good results.
  15. Hibernation

    Do creatures hibernate in Glorantha? Came up in a game i'm in and got me wondering.