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  1. Iskallor

    MoN: Fictive Nairobi?

    My grandfather was the town clerk of Nairobi and a QC in the1930's onwards. He had a lot to do with the city's growth in that time, so much so that when he turned down some (building) bribes, the offended party cut his car's brake cables on Christmas eve and on the family's holiday drive to Mombasa my grandmother died in the resulting crash and my mum still can't use her right arm properly. He eventually left due to members of the Mau Mau leaving prison and setting out to get their revenge for their sentencing. Obviously different times and the whole Colonial administration is not something I condone myself. Just thought I'd share. I can remember mentioning a certain district in the city that I found quite ugly and my mother said "Your grandfather was responsible for that." Doh. I've always enjoyed playing CoC games set there, though my knowledge of it is based on family recollections and my own travels. It was seemingly a crazy time and my mum would often talk about the larger than life characters that were about then.
  2. What he said ^
  3. Iskallor

    No love for crushing?

    Clubs are for when you are on dodgy business in New Pavis.
  4. Iskallor

    Do you use figures in RQ Poll

    As most of you know I use Lego figures.
  5. Iskallor

    Need background on Battle of Moonbroth

    I go with if it involves RQ rules i stick it in this forum. Questions about events, places, myths etc i stick it in the other. At the end of the day it doesnt really matter as folks drop in to both usually.
  6. Iskallor

    Need background on Battle of Moonbroth

    There was an oakfed pc Baboon shaman in one of my Baboon games. 'Ot Po'tato. His troop sort to control and contain Oakfed and put on great Bbqs. His troop's base was around the still burning hole/crater where Oakfed landed. Good source of fire spirits. He was constantly setting fire to things and surrounded by a cloud of smoke. Went and looked up one of his lines. "We need big, big, fire to cook you all: 'Ot Po'tato hungry and his god likes burning hoomans. You lie down and die now okey dokey?" 'Ot Po'tato to sable riders
  7. Iskallor

    New pavis big rubble books

  8. Iskallor

    New pavis big rubble books

    Just heard Robin Laws is writing them.
  9. I'm thinking of running a game where the pcs are Lunars sent to kill Argrath....All of them. With the end game being that hopefully the Lunars win and Sartar becomes the premium Empire holiday destination. It would be perfect if everyone played Ducks.
  10. Iskallor

    Multispell will render Protection obsolete.

    Not sure your cult will be too happy if all your rune pts are tied up and they need to send you on a quest that will require a variety of magic to suceed.
  11. Iskallor

    Splitting the RQ Fourms

    Keep it how it is and like Joerg says keep the Glorantha discussions in the right forum.
  12. Iskallor

    Elder Race Cooperation

    Any children of Flintnail would have aldryami blood as he married a daughter of Pavis yes?
  13. Iskallor

    Lhankor Mhy Sorcery and Meldeks

    Isnt it a bit of knowing one's enemy and being able to counter their sorcery?
  14. Iskallor

    RQG Preview - more of the Bestiary

    I ran one a few years back. Might run a short PBP one soon.
  15. Iskallor

    Are 2H weapons the only way to go?

    My pcs will still use clubs. I love clubs. And fists. I have an pc who uses two frying pans.