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  1. You'd think most cultures would want to do it. Who would pass up the chance to get great granny's jam recipe?
  2. All my Orlanthi wear tutus. Because Iskallor.
  3. Your character is about to get his cheeky arse kicked by a certain Priestess so watch it! The list is getting way to long....
  4. Okay i want to know how much a healing potion would cost. A 2pt, 3pt up to a 6pt. Doesnt matter who from. What I want to avoid is a big discussion about the whys and the cant's and how it is not possible to buy them on clayday without wearing a tutu. This is for old school RQ2 set in New Pavis. Bound to cost a fair bit yes? I could come up with number myself but Im nackered after work and have been measuring stuff all day. Numbers arrrrgh. Thanks very much.
  5. And what is Questworlds? I have missed this.
  6. Best ones? Characters with a good mix to be honest, they are all useful at some stage but... Depends on the type of pc you play and the type of game. Library use for research Psychology Dodge Other language for texts Credit rating Persuade/fast talk Spot hidden/listen.
  7. Bevara the combat medic could be a good choice. I played one once and she was badass.
  8. 1/Baboons 2/Uz 3/Ducks 4/ Morokanth 5/ Humans: Lunars first, then Praxians. Somewhere far away Orlanthi.
  9. I have my troll religious/magical texts written on lead sheets.
  10. Your pcs create all the next year's problems... all of them.
  11. Fan projects are far more fun in my view. Less Mostali canons to worry about. Can't wait!
  12. The picture of the chariot could represent movement, the serpents water and fertilty. Its all just stories. Perhaps he had an actual chariot with which he harnessed the river spirits. There's far wierder stuff out there...
  13. Iconography can have hidden, secret meanings. After several days of digging at the rumoured site of Ronance's chariot a spade hits wood... "Fuck me it's a boat!" "Well in Praxian their word for chariot is the same as that of boat" says the learned party's sage with an all knowing, annoying smile.
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