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  1. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    Cool. Still waiting for mine in Finland. Everyone else I know here got theirs at the end of last week/ start of this.
  2. Having the pre gen figs makes sense.
  3. Any Yelmalian Poets out there?

    Google ancient Egyptian poems to Ra or the sun. Should give some good results.
  4. Hibernation

    Do creatures hibernate in Glorantha? Came up in a game i'm in and got me wondering.
  5. PBP HQ game

    Hey, does anyone fancy running a Gloranthan HQ PBP game? There's two of us interested over on rpg.net and i'm sure others would be eager to play. A Lunar game or something like Red Sun Rising which I have neither played nor read.
  6. When ever you have a crazy idea for your game there will always be stuff to back it up, either online, or in fan or canon published writings...
  7. Heroquests

    There's a troll Hq somewhere that involves the killing of an earth priestess by a ZZ follower. Cant remember where it was published exactly but my pcs are suffering the consequences right now. Will go look for the source.
  8. That despite it's vast canon and huge history there is still plenty of room to add your own crazy stuff. Plus Ducks. Always.
  9. engaging spirits with weapons etc

    I think that made it into the RQII reprint.
  10. Traversing the Lunar Heartland

    Must be a heroquest they can do before they depart. One that helps them slip past unnoticed.
  11. Best Pavis one-shot?

    Yes i was going to suggest the same one. It is for one pc but can easily be run for more.
  12. Quickstart Rune Magic & Spirit Magic

    Humakti initiates wandering around armed with sever spirits just makes them the badasses they are meant to be.
  13. Monkey Ruins? or somewhere in Fonrit?

    Here's the link to a pbp game I ran which started in the Monkey Ruins. https://forum.rpg.net/archive/index.php/t-539886.html