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    Why Legend?

    To me, it's never been a question of Legend OR RQ6/Mythras, not anymore than it is a question of Mythras OR the BGB, Bloodlust, RQG, Maelstrom Domesday, Unknown Armies 2e and Revolution d100, for example. I'm going to run a mix of them all in the end, anyway, possibly mixed with other d100 systems as well. Speaking of which, are the Legend Stormbringer supplements no longer available, or is it just me who can't find them on RPGNow?
  2. Sometimes, not often. Yes. Complete enough that I never wonder what an NPC has to roll. Knowing how the setting works, and who the NPCs are, including their plans. The rest is extra work. Basically, yes, though to me, that's the same as Situation;). No, unless the NPCs having plans and pre-determined relationships counts as a plot. See "Sandbox";). No maps except those I find with Google. Flowcharts see limited use. But mostly, physical locations are described according to what I think makes sense IC. OOC reasons don't come into play. Yes, but a
  3. And with that, I can officially use RQ6 for modern campaigns, or worlds where guns are part of the setting. For some reason, I keep wondering what stats I should give to a flamewand;). Either way, congratulation to the Design Mechanism crew for the outstanding job!
  4. AsenRG


    Wait, what, GURPS 4e basic set isn't a rulebook to pick options from? Because that's how I remember it worked last time I ran it;D! BTW, Savage Worlds also has options to pick from in the corebook, so I guess this difference applies mostly to D&D and maybe HERO;).
  5. This thread keeps reminding me how long it has been since I last used a GMing screen;).
  6. I also study martial arts with a slight preference for modern and historical European ones, and try to apply that to RPGs, although I'm not on the HEMA forums;). As for my experience with various systems, TRoS and MRQ2/Legend are among the best takes on the armed combat subject, indeed, closely followed by ORE, "classical" BRP, GURPS and Savage worlds. Surprisingly, the new LotW would do a good job for historical combat, and with the right group, the small RPG Enemy Gods by John Wick and even some FATE games would work;D!
  7. Let me focus on the bolded parts. How is this rolling a die to swing a sword and describing how you're doing it less imaginary than saying the words of an imaginary person to another imaginary person? Describing is an absolute requirement in my games, BTW, with no ways left around it. Did he or she really roleplay the situation? Most players tend to play people more skilled in the social area than themselves, just like my swordsman is likely to be more skilled with a blade than me. They'd probably fail to play out to the extent their character would. Even if he or she said the right word
  8. Yeah, that's exactly it. If it wasn't for the force of habit, some players would probably want to ignore the combat system as well;). Actually, there are quite a few such players, but let's not get into this;D! Sure, let me use a non-descript system. I'll assume the lawmen are a clear victor here. Lawmen NPCs: "We don't want to hurt you, we just need you to put down those weapons. We don't question armed people, and we need you for questioning on a murder!" PCs: "No way you're getting our weapons!" Opposed rolls ensue, people on both sides are getting stressed and nervous. Finally, t
  9. Maybe it doesn't address it for you. But frankly, I find your suggestion that PCs are unable to back down unless they succeed about as weird as the e-mail the OP got from his player. Yeah, I find your reasons especially telling. 1) They didn't do it, actually. Someone else has. 2) So they always go about armed? Why not in bulletproof vests, too? 3) And weapons give them control over their fate? How about being overwhelmed despite being armed? Honestly, the expectation for "balanced" fights just needs to die. 4) "We play the game to shoot people, so why not these ones?" Honestly, is t
  10. Sometimes they are. For something they're ready to negotiate 4 hours of real time? More involved is a better bet. But with a more involved social conflict system... there's always another way;). I'm not asking how many involved systems for social interactions you know. I'd like to ask you whether you've read this thread, though. See this quote? So, frogspawner, who's taking control of what characters;D? I think I figured it out why your current title says "Alephtar pimp";).
  11. I think this argument deserves its own name. Probably "argumentum ad computergamum" will work;). It will probably be a surprise to you, but you can do that in a game with rules as long as 3 pages. Want examples:)? Yes, but it's not to invent games during play. There are enough in game events to track, you know;)! Both social and physical conflicts are forms of conflict. And both can kill you. Am I pushing my product as well? And if his rules work, they're a good thing. Otherwise, he might be better served by some other rules. That's assuming he has dealt with his
  12. Really? I've also played Exalted, LotW, A Dirty World, FATE, Heroquest 2 and a couple other systems with social conflict mechanics. And I've played Pendragon, Unknown Armies, Artesia, CoC and Gumshoe, so maybe I have some idea about personality mechanics as well and how they differ from social conflict;). Now, can you point me to where I said Pendragon's passions are a social conflict mechanics? Because what I said is the same players that dislike Pendragon are likely to dislike social conflict as well. That's simply my observation, and they raise similar objections. "But what if my charact
  13. While I agree with this, see again this line. So, a mechanic might solve the problem, or the players might just hate the mechanic. This simply means you can't skip the "talk to the group" part, at least not without risking to have your decision making the problem worse;).
  14. I already commented on the problem. Talk with the group and see how they feel about it and whether they all back the e-mail writer, then work from there. You can even tell us what they said in this thread, and we could be more useful then:). But if you feel you gto the weaker hand, change the deck;D! By which I mean not the group, stop assuming that only the GM is responsible, or even more responsible, for having a fun time! If they chose to discuss, it's because they find it fun, as far as I'm concerned, so there is no problem to begin with;)! If they don't find it fun, they should have opte
  15. To any potential GMs, the offer still stands;)!
  16. Yeah, I'd like any news as well, and especially to hear that it's not put on the backburner in favour of the Far West or some other game;)!
  17. The discussion concerns secret societies by now, but we're still looking for another GM;). Otherwise, I'd run it, of course. But I really prefer playing:D!
  18. Did they really say this one? Because it implies they could kill the baron, in front of his men. At this point, violence would have shifted to "logical choice" for the NPC in question, at least in my games.
  19. It's certainly kosher for me that some players wouldn't want the characters to be captured alive. Some characters might not allow it, either, even if the player doesn't mind. When a player like this plays with a GM that thinks it's not a big deal, it's just a clash of expectations. So you should talk it out. And that's the issue that needs to be resolved, IMO. BTW, that would have been my response, although most games I play allow for incapacitation without death and given modern medical response and average dicerolls, most of the PCs that didn't get a sniper round would have wake
  20. As another player in this game, I should point out that I'm in Bulgaria, Europe. The time distortion between me and the US is also significant;). Luckily, it's a Play by Post game, and I've played with enough Australians before to know it's usually not a problem:).
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