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  1. I actually am very excited for this one, but I understand your opinion. Personally I like everything I've obtained from Chaosium has been top notch in terms of content as well as usability. This industry is trying to assert itself, and in order to do that more user friendly layouts and books are required. In fact, it's very important how a product looks and is laid out since it will effect whether or not one will buy it. And I find the way this book is turning out to be much to my liking, although I've never read the original MM. Why do you find it better?
  2. I appreciate that immensely, thank you! My entire channel is devoted to bringing new players in, in fact my discord just went off someone took initiative from my "How to get into RQ" and bought the slipcase set:) Super excited to bring these incredible games to my "generation" so to speak.
  3. This is chapter 2, entitled: Queen Leika's "Advisors". In which our beloved adventurers meet Queen Leika and a duck whilst discovering the truth behind the dragon attacks.
  4. Mother, Father, and my older younger sister:) I ran a one-shot I created based on the brief lore given on the Dragon Rise.
  5. Been talking to some in my Channel discord server and yeah. This is becoming evident as the prevalent explanation...
  6. Awesome, it's really fun! I recently ran for the first time (with my immediate family) and we all had a blast! 8-9 players! You are an experienced GM then, I could likely never handle that many...
  7. Thank you, that makes perfect sense.
  8. Top 5 ways to use and understand puzzles. Number 1: puzzles can ruin a game if used incorrectly...
  9. General top 5 for all role-playing games. As always I stress the importance of tying everything to the unfolding narrative, but also express the opinion that most puzzles actually are drags and must be used with caution.
  10. Number one is actually that I feel most puzzles take away from the game... The remaining four points go over using puzzles to amplify the setting and narrative, making it simple, engaging and challenging, and what makes a puzzle.
  11. I found out a bunch of animal people (actually including puffins) are in other lore books ect.
  12. But it is also stealth and general sneakyness? Which would likely equate to the opposite, no? Obviously this is a minor nitpick, but it still seems to defeat it's purpose and contradict itself.
  13. Hello, as y'all know, I am a newcomer to RQG and after reading through the core rulebook I had some questions. This one is rather strange, and forgive me if it has been asked before, but why on earth is large size equivalent to the Darkness rune affinity? If Darkness is connected to the sneak skills and shadow realm of immateriality, why then would SIZ be the choice? I've been thinking about it, and mainly the explanation I have is 1. many chaos or "darkness" creatures (like Trolls) have high SIZ and 2. Gluttony, lust, and violence (general evil) is associated with darkness. Although that second one seems a long shot since the Darkness rune is not specifically evil as far as I can tell... I'm lost good and proper now, and any clarification would be appreciated:)
  14. Rune Quest: Role-Playing in Glorantha; Dragon of Thunder Hills Chapter 1 (Here be Dragons) Actual play of some completely new players and new Game Master playing (or attempting to play) Rune Quest! Podcast style because some players would not consent to having their cameras recorded, so sit back and take a listen. Through the forests of Sartar and into the spirit of adventure and glory. Welcome to part 1 of Dethstrok9's new Rune Quest: Role-Playing in Glorantha actual play; The Dragon of Thunder Hills. This is chapter 1, entitled: Here be Dragons. In which two poor souls from the opposite spectrum of life and idealism met by chance (or fate) and band together for a common goal. Starting with just two players, but at least one more adventurer will be joining soon. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy seeing the struggle to pronounce Sartar:)
  15. I won't have to. The blasphemy has finished you off.
  16. So RQG is relatively new and not even the actual GM book is out yet?
  17. Ahh, okay. Are there any supplements for RQG which include locales other than the Dragon Pass? Or for time periods other than 1625
  18. On reddit I was told there already are Puffin people called Keets...Is this true?
  19. Some more great RQ:G stuff. For instance, today we discuss why puffins should replace ducks!
  20. How to get into RQ:G part 2. This one focuses on character creation uniqueness.
  21. The second part of the trinity has been released. How to get into RQ:G part 2: Why Puffins should have replaced ducks...
  22. Yeah, that is (imo) the most exciting thing about the MM. I cannot wait to see what eldritch horrors they have prepared and stated, but having a guideline on monster creation is going to be wicked.
  23. @Redmoongodess you can go to account settings to change the name:)
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