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Spirits, and Where to Find Them


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15 minutes ago, Eff said:

Well, in this case specifically, I decided to invoke the use of copper in stills in the real world, since I was concerned with an almost Malkionic "how does the intersection of Separation and Earth manifest itself beyond sacred guardianship"? 

Only you didn't mention copper kettles or stills anywhere in your myth. It's not like Babeester is using her axe to separate the drinks.

(In fact, the story could be embellished by Babs' drunken first attempts to separate the drinks with her axe, and failing...)


Real world copper kettles are a consequence of copper making a good material for kettles - relatively high melting point (as opposed to bronze or lead/pewter), fairly noble (doesn't corrode much), and comparably soft so hammering and stenciling it into shape is less troublesome than for iron or steel. (Modern milling and alloyed steels make that a lesser issue, of course, but I suppose you are talking about the stills on the Speyside and similar traditional distillation sites).

The archetypal metal of separation is iron. But then, iron is hostile to spirits (of the otherworldly kind), so using less disruptive tools may be more appropriate

As a chemist by trade, I might be a bit obsessed with the details of these processes.


5 hours ago, Eff said:

Babeester went and gathered some of her aunt's experiments with pottery, and then went and gathered odd bits of glasswork, and finally set to work. She poured in the mixed and muddled drinks, and swirled them about, and finally saw what was what within each, and then poured each into their own bowls. And then she threw out what was left. And in this way, she separated each, the essence of each of the Eight poured into its own container.

experiments with pottery: small alembics and crucibles of glazed pottery: sure.

odd bits of glasswork: I don't really think so. Yes, there are mentions of glass in canonical sources. But glass made its premiere in human civilization as an artificial gem, and a fairly highly regarded one, almost on the same level as round-polished mineral gems. Transparent glass came a lot later, and while glass-blowing is possible with copper pipes (not bronze, though), I think that this is a rare urban craft, and unlikely to be found in ancient rural myths. The gods have in all likelihood a material culture that is quite archaic and rural. There is no myth about Orlanth ruling over a city, the Storm Village is of a lesser scope. The Vingkotlings had no cities other than Kodig's royal Nochet, but may have destroyed one (Elempur, the city of the Bow on the Oslir).


Babeester Gor is born from the sleeping body of Ernalda in the Underworld. Her presence in the Storm Village in Vingkotling times is a pre-incarnation, or an earlier aspect of hers already present alongside the Storm Brothers. Either way is fine, and such myths have their charm, but the core myth of her birth is a Greater Darkness myth, well after any ordered village life took place.

Writing such myths about her should be possible and are nice to have, but keep in mind that these are for a less gruesome and hardcore aspect of the axe maiden.


Telling how it is excessive verbis


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1 hour ago, Bohemond said:

Yes, but would you drink it if it were manufactured with human blood instead of water? Remember, BG gets drunk on the -blood- of her enemies. For her cult, this is part of the 'sacred cannibalism' rituals. But the rest of Heortling society is very uncomfortable with this aspect of the Dark Earth. 

Considering 1 - the 'quality' of some alcohols some of my friends drink and 2 - the nature of some foods frenchies consume with pleasure, I would say yes.

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