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Bride of the Son of the Mountains of Madness

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Recently major news outlets announced that temperatures in Antarctica had hit 65 F.  "It's melting!  What a world, what a world!"


However, a two-week forecast says the hottest temperature this fortnight will be a scorching -18 F.


What's going on?  Well, the 65 F hot spot isn't at the south pole.  It's on a peninsula that veers far north (relatively) from the frozen continent.  And if you read down to the bottom of the Daily News article, the area has drifted into the 60s before and the usual temperature variation is from -140 F to 50 F -- less than 65 but still well above freezing.

But let's say the continent really was thawing out.  The Elder Things and their rebellious shoggoth former servants are unlocked from the ice and making tea ("Earl Grey! Hot!") with all that liquid fresh water.  We can assume that other ancient critters have revived as well.  What happens next?  Can the investigators do anything about it?  Despite the warm-up it is still chilly, extremely isolated, and dark eight or nine months out of the year.  Bring lots of ramen packets.

Oh, and it is muddy.  Really, really muddy.

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