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Crowdfunding for Dynamic D100

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The campaign pitch is ready in the first two languages, rewards are set, the first chunks of finalized chapters are ready... it will not be long until the crowdfunding for Dynamic D100 starts. A few more details:

  • Our platform of choice is Ulule.com, the European crowdfunding site.
  • There will be fewer goodies than in your usual cf campaign, because we do not have a license for producing merchandise.
  • Nevertheless, we will offer some advanced rewards. 
  • Some contents will be unique to the Ulule version.
  • Delivery will be fast: June for English, October for French and Italian, Spanish tbd but not much later.

Moreover... oh well, who cares? Stupid details, the only relevant piece of information is that you can "Maziiiiin Go!" and then kick ass.

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3 hours ago, TheHistorian said:

This may not be the best time to launch a project. A lot of people's disposable income is vanishing.

This is a valid consideration, Archivist. And we have evaluated this and other factors before proceeding with the crowdfunding. It is not a coincidence if we have waited until the very end of March.

However, it all boils down to what we have the freedom to do, and not to what we wish to do. This is possibly the first time that a Japanese company issues a llicense for a pen&paper RPG to a western publisher (the Robotech licenses are negotiated with the American publisher of the series, not with Sunrise). Our contract for this hugely valuable intellectual property follows a template though for other media, with time constraints that are not optimal for a TTRPG. Delaying is not among our options. We checked this with our licensor last week.

We know that we are treading uncharted waters, both in what we are offering to our public and in choosing to go on with our offer during a global pandemic. No one can tell what is about to happen. However, did Captain Okita and his crew know what the Yamato would find at the end of its journey? They did not, and yet they took of for their journey, a journey not without some surprises. And so will we. 

All hands to battle stations. Engage the photonic engine, Dynamic D100 is about to leave for uncharted space.

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Thanks for all the support. As someone suspected, it did not work out. Given the data I have about reactions and involvement, the main suspect is the pandemic.

The game is still scheduled to appear around June, but at this point only in English for now. Feel free to ask questions, but the next announcements will be in June.

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