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Fey passion from the GPC campaign: opinions?

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Even if in Uther's times, long before enchantment spreads, I decided to make them deal with Faerie, especially when exploring some faerie-connected places like the darkest woodlands which separate Salisbury from Cadwy's Summerland.

I've seen the "Fey" passion on the GPC (which is, in too many ways, a real curse)....what are your experiences with this rule?

I mean: I do not want to give a Fey passion after every meeting with Faerie (since it seems too much), but I'll maybe give it after VERY CLOSE contact with Faerie or after a long scene in the Faerie world.

How do you manage this passion? (including aquiring/loding it)

I was thinking about allowing Love-Family or Love-God rolls just to avoid acquiring the passion (rather than to make those rolls to delete the Fey passion later on).

Any opinion regarding or game experience regarding the use of the Fey passion?

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It seems a bit too harsh to my liking. It is basically a 'retire your character from the game' type of passion. Sure, I might consider granting it if a PK falls in love with a faerie maiden, but even then, surely the Amor/Love would be distracting enough by itself, if it is 16+?

So in short, I have not used it in my campaigns thus far. Given how many adventures even in GPC involve dealing with the Faerie, I don't want to punish the players for playing through those adventures. Instead, I want to take advantage of the expansion of the Faerie to be able to run adventures that might not be possible 'in the real world' of KAP.

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I agree. 

After  thorough thinking I decided to ignore the rule.

I can maybe apply it to very, very specific cases (like a knight falling in love with an elven lady) but, in general, it's not fun.

A GM decides to send the knights to faerie and they return with this curse which is not their fault....it does not sounds fun.

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I have never used it. I agree with @Morien that it seems too harsh. A lot of the adventures involve the Fey and getting such a passion makes them even more wary to deal with Fey and a lot of adventures unplayable.

I would only give it to a PK if it is played out that the character loves the Fey world better than the real world. In that case it seems apropriate.

Falling in love with a Fay lady I would deal with a normal Amor or Love passion. That will be a curse on its own.

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I've allowed for it, but I also don't saddle a PK with it after just once incident/encounter - especially as encountering Faeries is normally something that happens unexpectedly. I wouldn't want to run an adventure where the PKs cross path with faeries and then someone gets the passion. That's just taking someone character away without their being able to do much about it.

Instead I have it that ti take several such encounters (I start with three) before the passion could "stick" to a PK, and I let them resist getting the passion with another passion. I figure someone with a high Love (Wife) at 26 or some such would have some reason to remain interested in the mortal world and thus be less susceptible to the charms of the fae.

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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