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4 hours ago, Voriof said:

For what it is worth to anyone, Greg sent me off to Maniria way back in the day to write because he felt it was a place that was not going to be heavily touched by the upcoming trouble - certainly not to the level Dragon Pass will be.  A good, quiet place for people, especially NEW PEOPLE, to build a campaign and a world to their liking.  A place with history but it was very much a place where players might become the movers and shakers as there really wasn't much of a future script other than, say, Harrek returning and burning everything to the ground. AGAIN.

Yeah, Harrek does that, the lil scamp...


But I also agree that it's relatively quiet.  The Hero Wars come to Maniria a generation later, it seems: After Ralios deals with All My Arkats, and the Holy Country gets sucked up into the Antics of Argrath, then Maniria has to worry about getting magically reforested and also flooded.  AGAIN.


Harrek is a problem, but he doesn't kill a region, he "just" sacks some cities. 


....I do not know why I wanted to be this snarky with the post.  I'm leaving it in, and hoping I do not offend.

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46 minutes ago, Nevermet said:

....I do not know why I wanted to be this snarky with the post.  I'm leaving it in, and hoping I do not offend.


Not particularly. I get far worse from the folks I investigate.  You haven't threatened my family, for example. :(

It seems Maniria has a lot more going on than I was aware of when working there previous! I was told 'just worry about Harrek'. As I said, a place where a GM can do some world building in relative peace without worrying excessively about the plot line. But there's stuff going on as well, which, long term, is probably a plus. It was a bit of a void at the time.

- From a forest overlooking the sea (which is already rising here in Maine)

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