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When The World Needs A Hero ...


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Source:  Francis The Talking Mule film series, Universal Studios, 1950-1956

A veteran of the United States Army, the Women's' Army Corps and the U.S. Navy, Francis the talking mule was a genuine hero of World War 2.  Fighting in the Pacific theater, he  thwarted multiple Imperial Japanese operations and exposed spies and would-be saboteurs.  Army Intelligence managed to conceal the ornery mule's unique gifts for both national security and public relations reasons.  After the war, Francis determined to settle down with a racehorse relative and enjoy an easy life at pasture.  However, his natural curiosity, sense of duty, and penchant for meddling in human affairs soon had him battling crooked gamblers and gangsters.

Long military service has made Francis cynical, crass and cranky.  The realization that he is smarter than other animals and most humans has caused him to become a know-it-all -- except he really does seem to know what to do in almost any situation.  While he can be stubborn and selfish at times, the heroic mule enjoys helping people in trouble out -- if only because it enables him to jeer at them and boss them around.


STR 28

CON 15

SIZ 26

INT 23

POW 15

DEX 13

APP 16

MOV 12

HP 20 (41 CON+SIZ)

DB +2d6

Armor:  2 AP hide

Attacks:  Bite 25%, 1d6; Kick 50%, 1d6+db; Trample 25%, 2d6+db

Skills:  Bargain 35%, Command 50%, Dodge 45%, Fast Talk 70%, Hide 25%, Knowledge (U.S.Army Practices and Procedures) 90%, Language (Equine) 115%, Language (English) 90%, Listen 60%, Persuade 80%, Spot 40%, Stealth 30%, Teach 45%

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I dunno, Francis does run around outfoxing enemy soldiers and criminals.  What's Sherlock Holmes' INT in the most recent version of Cthulhu By Gaslight?

For all we know, he may have worked at a research facility but quit.  The lab coats were just too uncomfortable.  😉. I don't know about the original novel, but in the films Francis just pops up out of nowhere to rescue a young Army lieutenant trapped by a Japanese bombardment in Burma.

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