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NPCs: A Gruesome Twosome for Halloween and a Challenge


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The Great Pumpkin approacheth. Browsing through my copy of Basic Creatures, I saw stand-ins for the Universal Pictures icons: vampire (Dracula), werewolf (The Wolf Man), mummy (The Mummy). And I suppose you could use one of Call of Cthulhu's beefier Deep Ones as a stand-in for The Creature From the Black Lagoon. But we're still missing a few classic movie monster greats: Frankenstein's monster, the Invisible Man, Mr. Hyde, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Phantom of the Opera. So here's a troublesome twosome to spice up your Halloween BRP campaign, and a challenge. I'll be posting my version of the Frankenstein monster later. But what about your favorite classic movie monsters? Can you Build A Better Monster ?

For Frankenstein's monster, there are several directions you could go. The literary monster was a super genius and well-spoken as well as incredibly tough. The 1931 Boris Karloff version was a sensitive child-like soul, moody and dangerous, but not the unstoppable robot the monster became during the innumerable sequels.

In a similar vein, Karloff's Mummy was an ancient sorcerer, quite unlike the shuffling tanis-leaf powered hulk Tom Tyler played a few years later. And the mummy from the Brendan Fraser films is another bundle of wrappings altogether.

Source: Frankenstein, Universal Pictures, 1931

Henry Frankenstein

"It's alive! It's alive! Alive! Ahahahaha!"

Son of a Swiss nobleman, Henry Frankenstein left medical school when his unorthodox theories about biological rejuvenation and requests for more and more cadavers for research alarmed his professors. Using his personal wealth, he established a private laboratory in an ancient abandoned watchtower. Obsessed with completing his experiments, he isolated himself from family and friends, even putting off marriage to his fiancé Elizabeth. Unable to procure human bodies legally, Frankenstein and his assistant, Fritz, have been scouring the countryside for fresh graves and recently hung criminals.

Frankenstein is a tall, thin man in his late 20s or early30s with large, serious dark eyes and a grim, determined manner. Without loved ones to constrain him, he has neglected sleep and meals until his already thin frame is gaunt and starved. Frankenstein is fanatically set on confirming his theories and will brusquely push aside anyone or anything that threatens to interrupt him, such as the player-characters. He can be charming and reasonable when he needs to be. His monomania and physical exhaustion have brought him close to being unable to tell the difference between right and wrong.



SIZ 12

INT 15

POW 12

DEX 13

APP 10

SAN 60

Move: 10

Hit Points: 10

Damage Bonus: None

Armor: None

Attacks: Brawl 25%, 1d4; Pistol 20%, 1d6

Profession: Scientist

Skills: Biology 31%, Chemistry 31%, Craft (Scientific Instruments) 35%, Electronics 31%, First Aid 50%, Language (German) 55%, Medicine 35%, Persuade 25%, Physics 31%, Research 55%, Status 25%

Fritz the Hunchback

"Don't touch that!"

A dark, twitchy little man, Fritz seems even shorter than he is because of his spinal deformity. He’s much stronger than he looks, however, and despite needing a cane to traverse stairs he can climb and jump like a monkey when he needs to. Frankenstein used his influence to free Fritz when the latter would have gone to prison for burglary. Fritz is utterly devoted to his benefactor and obeys him implicitly, even when the task fills him with dread. Fritz’ harsh underclass upbringing gave him little opportunity for education but he’s a quick learner and has picked up the ability to build and adjust the electronic equipment Frankenstein plans to use in his great experiment. Unlike his boss, Fritz has hardly any social graces at all and possesses a cruel streak as a result of his own suffering. He will be generally hostile and sullen toward adventurers unless Frankenstein indicates that he will tolerate them.

STR 18

CON 11

SIZ 10

INT 15

POW 10

DEX 15


SAN 50

Move: 10

Hit Points: 14

Damage Bonus: +1d4

Armor: None

Attacks: Brawl 45%, 1d4 + 1d4; Dagger 35%, 1d6 + 1d4

Profession: Criminal

Skills: Bargain 20%, Climb 55%, Drive 25%, Fine Manipulation 35%, Heavy Machine 36%, Hide 45%, Jump 55%, Language (German) 55%, Spot 45%, Stealth 45%

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I used to Run a Horror Campaign using the CoC rules. The MYTHOS was kept far in the rear, hidden. But there is enough Horror Literature that if played well enough can stand up just as well. ( I am still looking for the write ups but will present

We stated out the Monster a couple Different ways. Here is The "Adam" of Victor's efforts.

Adam, The Frankenstein Monster

STR 21 His strength not only came from the men used but the Pirmal Fire

CON 20

SIZ 22, the bigger the man the easier, at the time of Victor, to put Him together

INT 17 (7 when he is a little slow) Adam was a smart man, but we had him degenerate at times.

POW 16 Born of Lightening , the fires burned deep and Bright


Frakenstein had armor of 4, based on his makeup, and regeneration 3 per round, Unless the body is totally destroyed he will regenerate, this also allowed him to take damage and keep going.


His skills, Climb 70%, Hide 80%, Insight 45%, Stealth 85%, Persuade 45%, Knowledge (Philosophy) 65%, Brawl 55%, Etiquette 75%, Swim 65%

I ran a campaign based on Wareen Zevon's material, to a bunch that never heard the man. It was a great, because I played the music low in the background. No one asked, and it was kinda like a movie soundtrack for me, LOL

Roland, The Headless Thompson Gunner




INT 14

POW 12


Firearm (Thompson gun) 75%

There are two ways to use this, the first if Roland has access to ammo, he will use this.

The next is that per point of Pow is a "clip" of ammo.

If Roland goes under the POW he disappears. (He regenrates 1 Pow a day, till he returns.)

Track 85%, Spot 55%, Brawl 65%, Martial arts 45%, Hide 80%, Craft ( bullets), Melee weapon (machete) 65% Block 25%, Knife Melee 55%, Thrown 35%

Roland is a Revenant, a revolutionary spirit, He will fight for Independence causes, and revolutionary goals. And will fight probably against American interests, including Business interests, due to his murder by the CIA.

He is "physical" till he looses enough POW, or Hits. But will return with 12 days. Since he is a Physical revenant, he can not appear and disappear, Like a ghost, and travelling aboard aircraft or ships would be difficult. But not impossible.

Remember the world of Roland is black and white, being an ex-mercenary, He thinks like he did, unless the dead can learn.

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I like your take on the Frankenstein monster. I was wondering whether to go the supervillain option via Superworld powers but it looks like CoC handled it nicely.

I'm unfamiliar with the Headless Machine Gunner. Is that your original creation? Could be very creepy, especially when he keeps popping back up almost every two weeks. "It's payday, mortals, in lead!" Brat-atat-tat!

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It is from Warren Zevon, a musician, He worte several interesting pieces. Werewolves of London, Excitable Boy. I tied these pieces together for a weird campaign.

Nice work on old Roland there, amigo. That's probably one of my all-time favorite Zevon songs and it's nice to see him statted up for BRP.

Your campaign sounds like it would have been a blast!



Geek blogging at http://strangestones.com

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It was, started quiet with Excitable Boy. The Group were sent to investigate a series of violent assasination by Tommy Gun, the group kinda side tracked, wondering i maybe the assassinations were warranted. The for a bit of comedy we had a couple "werewolves" trying to fit in. Then they found a dying warlock trying to protect his daughter from unhealthy advances from a rival warlock (tenderness on the block). Then they went to Central America and Cuba to retreive an alien sarcophagus. Then A haunted railroad.

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Source: The Fly, 20th Century Fox, 1958; Return of the Fly, 20th Century Fox, 1959

The Fly

It is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Montreal industrialist and physicist Andre Delambre intended his matter disintegrator/re-integrator to revolutionize global transportation, reduce pollution and end world hunger. His bulky 1950s equipment proved able to teleport both inanimate objects and living creatures successfully, three centuries ahead of Star Trek. Unfortunately, during his second attempt to transport a human being (himself), a fly made its way into the disintegrator chamber. Both creatures which materialized in the reception chamber displayed a combination of human and insect anatomy. Delambre acquired a bug’s head and claw while the arthropod received a human head and arm. To his horror and despair, he felt both his reason and his humanity slipping away daily, and his insect claw seemingly had a mind of its own.

Delambre’s young son, Philippe, grew up to become an electronics genius in his own right, determined to reconstruct his father’s research and prove that teleportation was a viable technology. It was a matter of honor; his success would be a memorial to the elder Delambre. Although Philippe avoided his father’s technical mistakes, he proved a poor judge of character. His trusted lab assistant was eager to steal the disintegrator/re-integrator. When Delambre discovered what he was up to, the villain knocked him unconscious and stuffed him into the disintegrator. Knowing of Philippe’s phobia of flies, the thief spitefully captured one and put it in the machine before teleporting his former boss and fleeing. The result was predictable.

Before his transformation, Andre Delambre is a dark, handsome, athletic man in his late 30s. He is outgoing and enthusiastic, devoted to his wife and son but apt to become aloof and distracted when confronted with a science puzzle that needs solving. Delambre will gladly meet with player-characters, particularly if they are potential investors, but will decline to discuss his latest project in detail pending further tests. After the change, he will refuse to admit anyone into his presence except his wife. If adventurers manage to get past her, Andre has concealed his inhuman features beneath a cloth. He is unable to speak but can write or wave the PCs away with his remaining hand. If they refuse to leave, and particularly if they shove around his wife, Delambre may be unable to restrain his animalistic impulses.

Philippe Delambre is a slim, earnest man in his late 20s. He has his father’s dark hair and his mother’s delicate features. He’s good-natured but grimly determined to fulfill what he sees as his life’s mission. Like his father, Philippe will welcome PC investors; he will also accept proffered assistance from adventurers who have demonstrated their trustworthiness and technical expertise. His transformation is more “buggy,” if possible, than his father’s. The younger Delambre is also less able to control his violent tendencies.

Both men, when mutated, possess inhuman strength and vicious knife-like claws. They are unable to speak or eat solid food. They gain an enhanced sense of smell and 360-degree vision but the input from their multiple eye facets can disorient them. Philippe’s insect arm and leg enable him to climb sheer walls, something his father is unable to do, but he walks with a limping shuffle. A particularly vindictive Game Master might also give them the ability to vomit acid. Both Delambres have the ability to reason, at least at first, but their thinking and desires will become more monstrous as time progresses. Assuming the PCs are able to find a way to restore them, it is uncertain what the long-term effects of their transformation will be.

STR 4d6+6 (20)

CON 2d6+6 (13)

SIZ 2d6+6 (13)

INT 2d6+6 (13)

POW 3d6 (11)

DEX 3d6 (11)

APP 1d6 (4)

Move: 10

Hit Points: 13

Attacks: Claw 50%, 1d6+1d4; Vomit 25%, 1d4 acid attack

Skills: Climb 45%, Technical Skill (Computer Operation) 35%, Dodge 51%, Fine Manipulation 35%, Technical Skill (Electronics) 35%, Hide 25%, Jump 30%, Stealth 25%, Sense 50%, Research 50%. Science (Physics) 36%,

Armor: Chitin AP 2-3 (head and limbs only)

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