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Crimson Chains


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I read about it somewhere and thought it was a really cool idea. It might have been in the Pavis & Big Rubble Companion (P&BRC) books, or in discussions about them.

Basically, it is Lunar magicians chaining the wyters of herds, stopping them from migrating and pulling them to one place, or keeping them stationary.


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This is Taitus the Bright's attempt to ensnare the Praxian Protectresses, it's a pre-dragonrise 1625 event, page 44, 


20 Nearly killed or temporarily driven insane by Lunar demons when the Praxians came to Dragon Pass to destroy the New Lunar Temple. Gain Hate (Lunar Empire) and add +10% to Spirit Combat.

The attempt is broken, but at great loss to Argrath and the Praxians.

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On 1/26/2021 at 12:38 PM, The_Wombat said:

I ran across a reference to the Lunar Empire placing the Crimson Chains on the herdbeasts of Prax, but I can't find much of anything beyond this passing reference.

Any guidance as to what this act is?

The original reference is in King of Sartar p. 16: "Argrath went back to Prax, where the White Bull greeted him as a Hero. The imperial sorcerers had created invisible red ropes which had lassoed the leading beasts of all the nomads in the area, and were slowly hauling them into the city. Even the Blue Llama Folk, who had never known saddle or rope, were transfixed. Argrath freed the White Bull and went out alone with the White Bull men. He organized the tribes of Prax who then arranged among themselves so they were at peace at once. As Argrath promised, the ancient hero Jaldon Goldtooth appeared."

This occurs right before Argrath and his nomad allies take Pavis.

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