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Stone's not dead


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Especially at cold temperatures.

There are a number of pictures on p.2 of this pdf which look like some mythical creatures' work. Ancient penguins on Svalbard?


Might be something for northern Fronela or North Pent?


Or you can have it somewhere completely different, a remnant of the Gods War.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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51 minutes ago, Sir_Godspeed said:

Couple ideas:

- "board game" for giants. 

- Weird behaviour by gremlin-like earth spirits. 

- Some weird God Time pattern that keeps repeating for reasons lost.

Or perhaps they're the remains of giants; the Heortlings believe that the "Lost Rocks," an erratic cluster of wandering lights in the sky, are the remains of a giant called Ganvaktakarn (who may also be known as "Sky Giant") who was slain by Orlanth. If that's true, maybe the earthly remains of ground-bound giants sometimes become "lost rocks" as well?

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